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Spirit Relationships: Positively Responding to Spirit Influence Session 1

Spirit Relationships: Positively Responding to Spirit Influence Session 1

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Spirit Relationships: Positively Responding to Spirit Influence Session 1

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Dec 5, 2014


Jesus and Mary Magdalene explain Apostle Paul’s Ephesians Bible verse about how to resist negative spirit influence, by putting on the “armour of God”, using truth, ethics, morality, integrity and peace.
Document source filename: 20121006 Spirit Relationships - Positively Responding To Spirit Influence S1.
This ebook is a transcript of a seminar delivered by Jesus (AJ Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) on 6th October 2012 in Murgon, Queensland, Australia, as part of the Spirit Relationships series of talks.

Dec 5, 2014

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Spirit Relationships - Jesus (AJ Miller)

Spirit Relationships

Positively Responding To Spirit Influence


Jesus (AJ Miller) &

Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck)

Session 1

Published by

Divine Truth, Australia at Smashwords

Copyright 2014 Divine Truth

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This ebook is a transcript of a seminar that took place on 6th October 2012 by Jesus (AJ Miller) and Mary Magdalene (Mary Luck) in Murgon, Australia, as part of the Spirit Relationships series of talks. In it they explain Apostle Paul’s Ephesians Bible verse about how to resist negative spirit influence, by putting on the armour of God, using truth, ethics, morality, integrity and peace.

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It does not and cannot contain the entire of God's Truth since God's Truth is infinite and humankind will forever continue to discover more of God's Truth as we progress in receiving more of God's Love.

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Table of Contents

Positively Responding to Spirit Influence: Part 1

1. Introduction

2. The two common pitfalls for people listening to Divine Truth

2.1. The Divine Love Path is all about developing a relationship with God

2.1.1. Spirits cannot impact us when we focus on God

2.2. Forgetting the opposition to Divine Truth

2.2.1. Addictions

2.2.2. Discerning our own thoughts from those of spirits

3. Earth-bound spirits are spirits that have yet to enter the spirit world

3.1. Reasons that Earth-bound spirits are drawn to the Earth

3.2. Many Earth-bound spirits are not aware that there is a spirit world or that they have died

3.3. Many spirits control people on Earth as well as other spirits

4. Developing a sincere longing for God

4.1. Difficulties in giving up addictions in the spirit world

4.2. Sincerity is required to progress in love in the spirit world

4.3. Spirits connect to us through our fears

5. Apostle Paul’s Bible verse on how to resist spirit influence

5.1. Ephesians Chapter 6 Verses 11-18

6. Putting on the full armour of God against spiritual forces of evil

6.1. Dark spirits have a massive negative influence on the Earth

6.1.1. Spirits can choose to ignore the influence they are under from other, darker spirits

6.1.2. Negative spirit influence on Earth occurs because the Earth is in a first sphere condition

6.1.3. Negative spirits rule by manipulating people’s fear and terror

6.2. Standing our ground on the day of evil

6.3. Explaining the armour of God

7. Girding our loins with truth

7.1. God’s Truth provides protection from spirit influence

7.1.1. An example of being protected by the truth that God loves us

7.2. How to deal with personal attack using God’s Truth

7.2.1. The example of AJ getting attacked by the media

7.2.2. An example of a Sikh lady getting attacked on Facebook

7.2.3. An example of spirits projecting at a woman that she is sexually dirty

7.3. Having judgement or other emotions associated with certain words

7.4. Summary of the meaning of girding our loins with truth

7.4.1. Protecting ourselves in areas of sexuality

8. The breastplate of righteousness

8.1. Righteousness is having ethics, morality and integrity

8.2. Being righteous involves asking, Would I like this to be done to myself?

8.2.1. An example of being ethical in sexual interactions

8.2.2. An example of being enraged with someone

Positively Responding to Spirit Influence: Part 2

9. Having feet fitted from the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace

9.1. Reasons that dark spirits want to negatively influence people

9.2. Making a stand for peace includes not responding to violence with fear

9.2.1. The difference between making a stand for peace and keeping the peace

9.2.2. An example of an interaction with the media

9.2.3. The parable of sowing the seed

9.2.4. Peace is one of the fruits of love

9.2.5. Acting in peace will expose fears

10. Audience questions

10.1. Correcting situations where we’ve acted out of harmony with truth

10.2. Self-punishment is an avoidance of feeling the pain created by the people who taught us to self-punish

10.2.1. Self-punishment helps us avoid the fear of being attacked by others

10.3. Taking action in harmony with truth and peace allows fear to be exposed and released

10.4. Correcting past mistakes (continued)

10.5. An example of a lady acting to stop processing spirits’ emotions

10.6. Identifying the Law of Compensation vs. spirit attack

10.7. Identifying whether our desire is our own or a spirit’s

10.7.1. An example of a man being a secret gardener at night

10.7.2. Taking personal responsibility for our lives

10.8. Determining whether a desire is ethical

10.9. Determining what is real

11. Closing Words

Positively Responding to Spirit Influence: Part 1

1. Introduction

We would like to firstly welcome you all along for the first time in four or five months, since we last saw you. Thanks for coming along today. Have you found your life quite difficult over the last four or five months or quite easy? Interesting? Challenging? I feel that one of the main reasons we get quite heavily challenged relates to the topic we would like to discuss today. It’s part of the Spirit Relationship series of talks and the topic is Positively Responding to Spirit Influence. To introduce the topic we would like to outline with you some of the things that we notice happening quite regularly, particularly lately in our interactions with different people. [00:56:49.29]

We were talking to some people overseas who I have known for five years. They emailed me very recently and said things to me like, I have never trusted you the entire time that I have known you. I go, Well that's very interesting. And then they generally outline a whole series of reasons why they cannot trust me, or sometimes it’s just a blanket statement like the one I just gave. None of their reasons are actually logical, or things that have actually happened and I find this quite interesting because it tells me that they are under quite a lot of heavy influence.

I have actually had people scream at me that they don't trust me. They have literally screamed at me. They were obviously over-cloaked by spirits at the time, so that has been very, very interesting. Now I am not saying that you have to trust me. What I am saying is that it is pretty unusual to know somebody for five years, to come along to many of the sessions they give for free, without actually developing some kind of trust at least. To do that for five years and still not be able to trust, there is obviously something else going on. There is obviously something else happening. [00:59:08.23]

We've also found this lately when we are invited to go around to people's homes. Many times we are invited to go to out to dinner to somebody's house, or something like that, and what we find is that before we go to the place the people get attacked by spirits so much, by the time we arrive they are so frightened of seeing us that sometimes we feel like we should probably just turn around and go back home, because of the fear that is being projected. [00:59:40.15]

Recently we went and visited somebody's house where this happened, and this is something that is regularly occurring now with us. We are invited to go somewhere, somebody feels that they would like to have us around or whatever, we go there, and before we arrive the person becomes so spirit-influenced that by the time we arrive they are literally shaking with fear of us. As if you have anything to fear from us! And a lot of times this is a very, very, very, heavy spirit projection of rage at any single person who has anything to do with us. That is really what is happening but most people don't recognise it as such, and they just feel really bad that they invited us. So this is something that is also happening very regularly. [01:00:59:00]

What we are also finding is that in many of the presentations that we do now there are large groups of people who originally say they want to come and then, when we actually do a presentation in a location, most of them do not come. They have invited us to go to a location, we go to the location, and we start doing something with the people

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