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7 Storie per Leggere Lettori Principianti - dai 2 ai 5 anni
7 Storie per Leggere Lettori Principianti - dai 2 ai 5 anni
7 Storie per Leggere Lettori Principianti - dai 2 ai 5 anni
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7 Storie per Leggere Lettori Principianti - dai 2 ai 5 anni

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Questo è il libro perfetto per cominciare ad insegnare a leggere ai bambini dell’asilo o della scuola dell’infanzia. Insieme a Il mio primo libro 1 ed al Libro delle storie di Natale di Katrina Kahler, questo libro di parole visuali ha un testo molto semplice, parole ripetute ed immagini per assistere le capacità di previsione e di comprensione del bambino. È perfetto per i lettori principianti dai 2 ai 5 anni. 

Questo libro contiene sette storie: Sei mio amico?, Sei un mostro?, Tutto su Babbo Natale, Vuoi giocare?, Se ami il tuo cane, Il miglior parco giochi del mondo! ed Il mio primo giorno all’asilo. 

Parole visuali ed attività completano ogni libro. Il libro è stato scritto da un’insegnante che ha insegnato a leggere a migliaia di bambini negli ultimi 30 anni. Comprando questo libro, darete al vostro bambino un grosso vantaggio nell’approccio alla lettura.

Data di uscita2 mar 2020
7 Storie per Leggere Lettori Principianti - dai 2 ai 5 anni
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Katrina Kahler

Katrina Kahler is a World-Class educator who has been nominated for the National Inspirational Teaching Award. She is the co-author of 'The Parenting Trap' series, which include a variety of books that will assist parents in raising happy, confident and successful children. She is a highly experienced school teacher, speaker and parenting adviser and her passion involves helping kids to reach their full potential...academically, socially and personally. Her website www.howtohelpchildren.com contains over 300 videos helping children with their school work as well as their personal and social skills.Katrina's fiction books for children include Diary of a Horse Mad Girl (a series of 5 books) that horse loving girls around the world are thoroughly enjoying and the Julia Jones series. This inspirational series deals with the emotional traumas that young girls experience...friendship problems, bullying...and the stories teach young children to be more confident and positive. All of these books suit children aged from 9 to 13.Teaching thousands of young children to read, spell and write has given Katrina the knowledge and skills to produce a series of Early Readers for children aged from 2 to 6. This series is called Rabbit Readers. These simple books with repeated text, pictures to aid comprehension and prediction skills, sight words and parent advice, will help your child to become a fluent and confident reader. She has also written a number of books on the Dolche sight words and essential phonics for beginner readers. Click on the books tab to have a look at this collection of books. What an advantage your child will have when you download these books for them. Watch their confidence and interest in reading blossom.Katrina lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia with her husband, two wonderful teenagers and two very affectionate and friendly pets, a golden retriever and a ginger cat. Up until recently Katrina lived on a 10 acre property and her daughter and son enjoyed the country lifestyle with horses and motorcycles. From these experiences Katrina has written many of her books which are based on their true life experiences. Diary of a Horse Mad Girl and Diary of a Motorcycle Crazy Boy are the result, with many readers falling in love with Katrina's family's adventures.Her mission in life is to help as many children as possible to grow up to be happy, confident and successful. Parents are the most important part of her mission, so her goal is to assist parents to learn the skills they need to help their children to achieve their full potential.

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