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Eating Wild

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Eating Wild

Lunghezza: 248 pagine2 ore


"Eating Wild" presents information on more than fifty common wild plants, from herbs to shrubs. Learn how to harvest, prepare, cook, dry and store a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables. This book provides more than 100 remedies and recipes using wild-harvested plants. Remedies for women and children, skin and hair care formulas, herbal blends for muscle & joint aches, digestive, diet, respiratory and circulatory health, as well as dozens more natural solutions.
Understand the medicinal & culinary value of each herb and plant listed. Learn where to find each plant, and what parts to harvest.
This book is based on six decades of hands-on experience by the author. Recipes and remedies have been passed on from the author's parents and First Nations friends, and have been refined through years of experimentation.
Robert Lee is the author of books such as "The Last Drop Of Living: A Minimalist's Guide To Living The High Life On A Low Budget," "Finding Your Oasis" and "How To Build A Yurt." He is a former rural business developer specializing in alternative energy concepts, and a former organic gardener. He designs and sells yurts in his spare time. He not only understands the concept of "Eating Wild," he lives it!

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