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Betsy Ross: Accidental Spy - A Colonial American Historical Suspense

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Betsy Ross: Accidental Spy - A Colonial American Historical Suspense

Lunghezza: 402 pagine6 ore


In Philadelphia 1776, just as the American Revolutionary war is breaking out, Betsy Ross wonders what really happened the night of the munitions warehouse explosion that killed her beloved husband John Ross. Was the explosion an accident or was the warehouse fire intentionally set?

When the authorities refuse to investigate the crime, Betsy vows to solve the mystery herself but is soon drawn into Philadelphia's dangerous underworld of spies and double agents working both for the British and the Patriots. Ultimately she has no choice but to trust the wrong man, but will she lose her life, or the lives of those she holds dear, in the process?

"BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY will leave you breathless with anticipation wondering if Betsy will succeed in her mission to bring down the ruthless double spy intent on thwarting the rebel cause." -Richard Whitaker, historian.

"A truly suspenseful and thrilling tale with an intelligent and feisty heroine whom we are all familiar with from our knowledge of American history. What fun to envision Betsy Ross living as a single woman in Philadelphia in 1776. Ms. Clay has written a clever and imaginative tale providing Betsy the opportunity to use both her talent as a seamstress, and an intuitive woman, to solve a real-life crime that even today remains an American mystery" - Melissa Frederick

"From the talented pen of Marilyn Clay, fast becoming known as a premier historical suspense author, comes yet another skillful and exciting masterpiece. Characters in Clay's novels spring to life as they draw you into their world, allowing you to live the stories right along with them. BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY is among the first, if not the first, novel ever written for adults featuring Betsy Ross, a legendary icon in American history, as the heroine!" - Janet Stewart, American Historical Preservation Society.

"One of the most suspenseful tales of spying and espionage cleverly interwoven into a stunningly realistic depiction of the Revolutionary war, featuring life as it was in 1776 for normal, everyday citizens caught up in a drama they had no choice but to endure." - Pat Beardon, historian.

"This is the sort of historical novel you don't want to see end. I sat up long into the night reading this book. I only hope Ms. Clay intends to write a sequel! Thoroughly enjoyed, thoroughly recommended!"- Andrea Walsh.

BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY is also available in print.

(Author note: All of the 1776 Revolutionary war events depicted in BETSY ROSS: ACCIDENTAL SPY, including the names of British ships, General's names, battle locations, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin's spymaster activities, are all historically accurate, however history does not substantiate that the person known as Betsy Ross ever engaged in covert activity.)

Other historical suspense mysteries by MARILYN CLAY include: DECEPTIONS: A COLONIAL JAMESTOWN NOVEL, and SECRETS AND LIES also set in colonial Jamestown; both novels originally released in hardcover, now available as Ebooks. Reprinted in paperback as A PETTICOAT AND LAMBSKIN GLOVES.

MARILYN CLAY is also the author of seven Regency romance novels, including the new critically-acclaimed Miss Juliette Abbott Regency Mysteries Series: MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR, Book 1, MURDER IN MAYFAIR, Book 2, and MURDER IN MARGATE, Book 3, are now available in print and Ebook. Book 4 MURDER AT MEDLEY PARK will be out in 2018. All of the Juliette Abbott Regency Mysteries are clean, wholesome and suitable for young adult readers.

If you like authors Yangsze Choo, Libbie Hawker, Sally Gunning, Kathleen Koen and Kate Quinn, you'll also enjoy Marilyn Clay's Colonial American novels.

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