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The Deathbed Sutra of the Buddha: Or Siddhartha's Regrets

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The Deathbed Sutra of the Buddha: Or Siddhartha's Regrets

Lunghezza: 134 pagine2 ore


What if, on the final night of his earthly existence, the Buddha experienced a second Enlightenment, leading him to radically revise his teachings about the self, the world, and spiritual fulfillment? And what if that final teaching, lost for over 2000 years, was rediscovered? "The Deathbed Sutra of the Buddha" purports to offer that final conversation, part teaching and part confession, between the Buddha and his trusted attendant, Ananda. Sometimes touching, sometimes shocking, and sure to spark controversy everywhere, The Deathbed Sutra forces Buddhists and scholars of Buddhism to seriously re-evaluate fundamental aspects of the tradition. Regardless of how readers assess this work - as a hoax or as a legitimate lost teaching of the Enlightened One - they will find its content to be a serious challenge to long-held positions about the nature of the self, the nature of reality, and the path to enlightenment. This short work will be a must read for anyone with a serious interest in the teachings of the Buddha.
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