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52 Series: Boredom Busters for Kids

52 Series: Boredom Busters for Kids

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52 Series: Boredom Busters for Kids

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Mar 25, 2011


Packed with creative suggestions for both indoor and outdoor activities, this illustrated deck will provide inspiration when boredom strikes. Try Treasure Hunt, Secret Writings, Science Cubes, and Nature Wind Chimes. Perfect for any day—rain or shine—these cards will keep kids engaged and entertained.
Mar 25, 2011

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52 Series - Lynn Gordon


House Rules

Materials: Sidewalk chalk or masking tape; Small rock or beanbag for hopscotch marker.

Gather friends and siblings for a more challenging version of your favorite game.

Add some new colors to the classic game of Red Light, Green Light: red means stop, green means go, black means one step backward, orange means turn around and walk backward, purple means spin around and run.

Make a hopscotch board with sidewalk chalk outside or with masking tape inside. Try jumping with your eyes closed or making a new hopscotch pattern.

Play tag, but anyone touching wood is safe. Or try creating smaller boundaries, such as one room of a house or a smaller area of a yard or park.

Tortilla Pizza

Materials: Tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, olives, peppers, and other toppings; Flour tortilla; Cheese grater; Pan; Oven or toaster oven; Hot pad

Check with an adult before using the oven or toaster oven.

Spread the sauce on top of the tortilla. Pizza sauce, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and tomato sauce all work well.

Shred the cheese with a cheese grater. Add the toppings. Try using more than just pepperoni and cheese.

Place on a pan. If using an oven, turn it on broil and broil pizza until cheese is melted, about 5-8 minutes. In a toaster oven, toast pizza on the medium-darkness setting until cheese is melted.

Carefully remove pizza from the oven with a hot pad.

Bowling Bottles

Materials: Empty plastic bottles or milk jugs; Paper-towel tubes; Medium rubber ball; Yardsticks or long cardboard tubes

Instead of just recycling that empty soda bottle, collect a few to reuse for a bowling set.

Gather ten empty plastic bottles and wash them out well. Alternately, use ten paper-towel tubes. For an outdoor set, fill the bottles with water and replace the tops.

Set them up in a bowling pin formation and roll the ball at the pins. Try a variety of formations for different bowling games, such as setting the pins up in letter or number

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