Revelations On How "Not" To Run A Supermarket

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Revelations On How "Not" To Run A Supermarket

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The most explosive and damaging reports of abuse of power and mismanagement ever to come to light in Tesco's history. Can the company ever ignite the flame of the once popular supermarket or has the spark finally gone out. It's not rocket science to distinguish why Tesco is failing when faced with the facts. These are the most shocking revelations to date, with many employees having to bare the brunt of unworkable tasks that management endlessly throw at them and the bully tactics they use to get their own way, by whatever means - be it legal or illegal. What it's really like working for Tesco when you have to contend with :- Poor and inadequate staff uniform. Low morale. Stressed out and disheartened staff. Non existent and poor inadequate staff training. Delaying and exploiting staff wages. Improper use and alleged doctoring of staff viewpoint surveys. Shameful facts about food waste. Dire under-staffing levels. Numerous security issues. Numerous health & safety breaches being committed. Listen & fix issues not being met. Usdaw union failing their members far too often. Poor leadership skills. A severe lack of treating colleagues with dignity and respect within the workplace. Violating company procedures and policies. Blowing the whistle on employers.

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