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Sayings of the Buddha

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Sayings of the Buddha

Valutazione: 2.5 stelle su 52.5/5 (2 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 400 pagine1 ora


The Buddha taught a down to Earth wisdom that is still deeply relevant today. This carefully chosen selection of the Buddha's thoughts and teachings, compiled by William Wray, presents one quotation for each day of the year. Each and every quotation brings fresh insights, helping to free us from the deep conditioning of our minds and pointing us towards making revolutionary changes in our lives on a personal, social and spiritual level. The book also contains a stimulating introduction to the Buddha, as well as a short biography and accessible analysis of the discourses.

Many of the sayings included here are drawn from the very latest translations of the Buddhist sutras. It is hoped that by reflecting on them on a regular basis, individuals will take significant steps towards enlightenment.
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