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She Thinks I'm Deaf

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She Thinks I'm Deaf

Lunghezza: 51 pagine50 minuti


This book is the result of years of declining hearing on the part of the author and countless breakdowns in communication with his spouse which often resulted in heated arguments. Nothing tops the tempers that flair when the wife claims “I told you the Murphy’s had a new grandson, and when we had dinner with them you react like you never heard this. You make it look like I never mentioned this to you.”
Short of accepting my disability, I looked for many other factors that might explain what appeared to be significant hearing impairment. My frustrating journey through denial, excuses, spousal friction and finally surrender to my handicap is an exercise in discovery and renewed self-awareness.
“She Thinks I’m Deaf” gives a unique but light-hearted perspective on hearing impairment that comes with aging, offering several explanations why men experience this more than women, and providing tips for both genders on how to minimize communication issues.

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