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Chinese Food: How to Cook Your Favorite Chinese Dishes At Home

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Chinese Food: How to Cook Your Favorite Chinese Dishes At Home

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This beginners guide to chinese food and chinese cooking is the perfect companion for any budding at-home chef who wants to re-create those delicious chinese dishes that you love from restaurants.

In this eBook you will discover the history of chinese food and how it has developed to what it is today. We explore some of the differences between authentic chinese food and what you find in Western 'chinese' restaurants.

Your culinary journey then progresses to what type of equipment you will need for chinese cooking; such as the well-known wok and chopsticks, plus other not so well known but essential tools.

Then we stroll into the food section, with the must-have basics of any aspiring chinese cook. Things like sauces (soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce and more) and staples like rice, noodles, vegetables and meats.

Thre is even a whole chapter on the time honored tradition of Yum Cha!

Purchase this eBook and get started on your chinese cooking adventure today.

Please note: You should consider buying some chinese recipes cook books to accompany this guide, as there are no recipes included. Just lots and lots of useful information to begin and enhance on your chinese cooking experience.

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