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Shady Springs Ranch

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Shady Springs Ranch

Lunghezza: 104 pagine1 ora


A foster child named Brielle came to Shady Springs Ranch with anger in her heart because her mother was in prison and would remain there for a very long time. She had run away from many foster homes before she reached the Kellingtons, a couple who had lost their only daughter three years before taking on Brielle as a foster child. In the course of forgiving her mother for years of neglect and abuse, Brielle learned she had a half sister named Lillian. You will experience their first meeting, their frank love and acceptance of each other, and see how they share a love for horses and for Jesus. Brielle’s transformation was brought about by her foster parents’ unconditional acceptance, a special rescue horse she had grown to love, and God's amazing Grace, changing her life forever.

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