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Nostalgic Roads

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Nostalgic Roads

Lunghezza: 154 pagine1 ora


In his well known, inimitable style, Dan Propp takes the reader down Nostalgic Roads that meander through British Columbia's coastal history. In short stories, punctuated by Dan's own photographs and song lyrics, Dan covers such topics as B.C. radio, the politics of the past, Hollywood, and gefilte fish. Dan's past as a postcard photographer is evidenced in his plethora of images from times gone by that are scattered throughout this book. Gibsons Landing of the 1950s and '60s, the town where Dan spent much of his youth, brings back many memories of what life was like when the local dock was the centre of a boy's existence. The streets of Vancouver and the happenings throughout the years play a big role in Dan's life as a young man. When he hit the road as a salesman in a clunker that was by no means trustworthy, Dan recorded his experiences in song and photos. Take a leisurely trip with Dan Propp through the gentler days of yesteryear and down nostalgic roads.

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