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On the Right Side

On the Right Side

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On the Right Side

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Aug 10, 2014


On the Right Side is where the truth is, where physical realiy is, where the power of being reborn is, where the power of salvation is, and where the power and the authority of God as loving Creator are. On the Right Side is where the rational is, where the logical is, where the wisdom of heart is and where even the call of God to salvation of God as Father is. Glad and joyful he that truly lends attention!

Aug 10, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

English / EspañolWho am I really?My pen name as a fortunate or blessed writer is Forester de Santos and I am on a very grandiose crusade of rebirth alive or to be born again with complete gladness and with complete joy and also with complete abundance of God but as much more than God and as much more than Creator.Now then, one who truly is on a very grandiose crusade cannot follow another or cannot let himself be surrounded by his beloved ones or his fans because he cannot cross over them or he cannot cross over because of them being in the way or because of them blocking the path which is but which cannot be seen until rebirth or until one is born again.I do not ask to be followed, not because I will not lead, but because I will not look back but I will look to my right and to my left to see who walks with me.But those that truly decide to follow me will become as me and as me will truly receive or gather true knowledge because my struggle or contention or my very grandiose crusade of rebirth is true, so true in fact that I have become a much better person because of the true faith which I have come to receive through my search and research for the truth.And because I have come to have true faith or faith of God, thus I use my true faith as a shield to repel or to reject other beliefs or good sounding lies!Therefore, to rebirth alive or to be born again while still living here on the very earth which will be as in the very heavens through rebirth!Now, God could be the Master Creator, the brain, the sub-conscious mind, the conscious mind surpassed into a taller consciousness or even much more, but all of these forms or reforms of God or of life forever will be every time higher in consciousness and so that man could enter or overcome a higher conscious thus man has to present himself for more or as more to what is higher than man so that which is higher than man, God, allows man to go up to the higher or to the next mode of thinking or of mental consciousness...Español¿Quién soy yo? ¡Yo soy (8 +)!Mi nombre como dichoso y bendecido escritor es Forester de Santos y yo en verdad aún estoy en una muy grandiosa cruzada de renacer o de renacimiento vivo o de nacer de nuevo en vida real con completo gozo real y con completa alegría real y también con completa abundancia real de Dios pero Dios como mucho más que Dios y como mucho más que Creador por conocimiento real...Ahora bien, aquel que en verdad está en una muy grandiosa cruzada no puede seguir a otro o no puede dejarse ser rodeado por sus amados o por sus fanáticos porque aquel no puede cruzar sobre ellos o aquel no puede cruzar por la causa de ellos estar en el medio o por ellos estar bloqueando el grandioso camino cual en verdad es pero que no se puede ver hasta el renacimiento o hasta que uno nazca de nuevo...Yo no les pido que me sigan, pero no porque yo no los llevaré o no los guiaré, pero porque yo no miraré hacia atrás pero yo miraré hacia mi derecha y hacia mi izquierda para ver quien en verdad camina conmigo.Pero aquellos que en verdad deciden seguirme serán como yo y como yo en verdad recibirán conocimiento verdadero o real porque mi lucha o mi muy grandiosa cruzada de renacer es verdadera o real, tan verdadera o real de hecho que yo me he convertido en una mejor o más alta persona por la fe verdadera o real cual yo he llegado a recibir en verdad por mi búsqueda y re-búsqueda de la verdad...Y porque yo he llegado a tener fe verdadera o real o fe de Dios, ¡pues yo uso mi fe verdadera o fe real como un escudo para repelar o para rechazar otras creencias o mentiras que suenan bien!Por lo tanto, ¡al renacer vivo o al nacimiento de nuevo mientras aún vivo aquí en la misma tierra cual en verdad será como si en los mismos cielos por renacer!Ahora, Dios podía ser el Amo Creador, el cerebro humano, la mente sub-consciente humana, la mente consciente superada a una consciencia más alta o hasta mucho más, pero todas estas formas o reformas de Dios o de vida por siempre cada vez más altas en consciencia y para que el hombre pueda en verdad superarse o entrar a una consciencia mayor pues el hombre tiene que presentarse por más o como más a lo más alto que el hombre para que lo más alto que el hombre, Dios, le conceda al hombre subir a lo más alto o al próximo modo de pensar o de mente consciente...Pero Dios no es una fantasía. Dios es realidad o la verdad y tan solo Dios es Él que puede presentar la verdad como la misma o única verdad hacia uno y así convirtiendo o transformado a uno en la misma verdad.Eso es decir en verdad, solamente Dios mismo es Él que puede presentar su voluntad de Dios a uno.Nadie más puede presentar la realidad o la voluntad de Dios hacia uno porque nadie jamás entenderá esa realidad o esa voluntad de Dios hacia a uno, ¡uno pero vivo obviamente!De hecho, una vez que el hombre en verdad llegue ser salvo como salvador amado de Dios, pues ese dichoso hombre no solamente ha entrado a una consciencia más alta o superior pero también ese dichoso hombre ha entrado a la auto-suficiencia o a la armonía a donde nada le faltará y el mundo nunca jamás será igual para él porque ahora el mundo el o el tiempo ha quedad como si el mundo o el mismo tiempo por siempre fue nuevo y abundante...

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On the Right Side - Forester de Santos

On the Right Side

By Forester de Santos

Copyright Forester de Santos

Smashwords Edition

ISBN: 9781311407870

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This eBook may not be resold or may not be given away to other people. If you would really like to share this eBook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you are reading this eBook and did not purchase it, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table of Contents





Chapter 1

One is real knowledge

God is real knowledge

Through real knowledge

Effort for real knowledge

The wise of real heart

To do for true love

Acknowledgement into real life

The best way to improve real life

Chapter 2

One is heard!

The abundance which is one

Ignorance is because of lack of knowledge

A thought from heaven

One for much more

As the things are seen

When the good spirit is offended

One is reborn through joy

Chapter 3

One united through one

That which is not infinite

To continue alive

The creation of God was adoption of God

The day as empty vase

Choosing new parents

The fruit in the mouth

Two thoughts

Chapter 4

From the praise one will come out

God is personal

When nothing is left to end

One will never be the same

When the abundance can be chaos

No and error

Such is the form of the human being

When one knows another

Chapter 5

He that will be justified

If ever the theologians knew

Read and see!

God is knowable

The finite foreskin

An incomplete thought

Making God the pleasure

A good sacrifice

Chapter 6

Given to one by the work of one

The spirit beloved of God beloved

Nothing lacks for something

When the spirit finds dwelling

Creation is from outside

No one responds without knowledge

Closing the eyes from outside

Immortal thoughts revive

Chapter 7

To triumph

One arrives with gladness and with joy

Death makes no immortals

One can be fun

The battles of God

The things of God are complete through grace

The bidding to revive

The push for the truth

Chapter 8

To come to triumph

Mortal thoughts kill

Test not your errors with your sons

Thoughts of God revive

God is true justice

Time punishes as times heals

He that touches

To enter into the right side


Something about the author

Discover other titles by Forester de Santos

Additional Notes

Who am I really?


Those that are born alive add to existence, add to creation or even add to God but if they are not reborn thus they die and through their deaths they take away from existence, take away from creation and even take away from God.

But those that are reborn add to existence, add to creation and even add to God five portions and because of adding five portions to existence, to creation and even to God thus they will be added to the right side of existence, to the right side of creation and even to the right side of God as the right arm of God…


Thank you my loving Master for putting in my soul the knowledge that I will take after the real joy a lesser position on your left side, which truly here on earth is your right side, but that lesser position will be truly of salvation with all power!

Thank you, my loving Master!


This eBook version of On the Right Side is dedicated to he that truly contends for the peace true of God and for the true knowledge or the acknowledgment of God to truly achieve the salvation of God.

Because in truth, there are only two that truly can enter alive in life into the kingdom of the holy heavens, he that contends for the true peace and for the true or the real knowledge of God and he that is given or that is granted true or real knowledge or the true acknowledgement of son beloved of the eternal…


On the Right side or to the right or eastern side, which in truth is the great step number 12, thus one for real knowledge and thus two for listening or thus for being truly heard as prince!

Because in truth, he that in life arrives in life to the right side of the Master will be truly called by the Master Himself prince of the Master!

Thus in truth, one will be heard or one will be responded to with the very knowledge which one has truly presented by one very self!

And if in truth one has presented one very self with the knowledge of son, thus when one opens the mouth thus obviously one will be heard or one will respond as son and for son or for male thus one truly will be responded to when one calls o when one makes a request for more knowledge or acknowledgement.

Now then, one has presented one very self and one is known or one is in truth acknowledged through the very knowledge which one very self has truly presented, but if one does not continue presenting oneself by requesting that knowledge or that acknowledgement be granted to one thus no knowledge or no acknowledgement will be granted to one.

Thus one must in truth continue presenting one very self, even though with voice of thanks or with voice of praise or even with voice of weeping!


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