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A Meeting of Minds: The Art of Animal Communication

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Animal Communication is an intuitive language between humans and animals. Animals love to communicate - they communicate with us in a telepathic way and will give us pictures, feelings, and words. They have their own energy just like us and, by tuning in to this more subtle energy, we can exchange information directly with them. It really is possible to communicate with your pets and animals so you can understand what they are thinking and feeling.

Michelle Childerley is an experienced and intuitive animal communicator recently featured in FremantleMedia's Pet Sense and Sky One's popular series Pet Nation. She is qualified in The Balance Procedure & EFT (emotional freedom technique) – both methods being energy techniques that enable the quick release of emotional blocks in animals. Michelle has worked with a huge
variety of animals over the years; she has worked with horse racing trainers, wildlife parks and as a regular volunteer at Wood Green Animal Shelters.

This book represents the culmination of her years of experience and study and in it Michelle explains the step by step route to achieving the greater understanding and connection that you desire with your companion animals. Exercises, explanations and anecdotes combine to make this an inspiring, entertaining read that will soon have you gaining the knowledge necessary to bridge the communication gap between human and animal.

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