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Mystery on Skull Island

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Mystery on Skull Island

Lunghezza: 165 pagine1 ora


In 1724, Rachel Howell leaves New York for South Carolina . . . and plunges into a dangerous world of pirates and hidden treasure that threatens her family’s future

When New York–born and –raised Rachel Howell sails for South Carolina to be reunited with her father, the last thing she expects is to be attacked by pirates! She’s lucky to escape with her life, but the attackers take a pearl necklace belonging to her dead mother. Things go from bad to worse when Rachel arrives safely in Charles Town and learns her father is getting married again. The one bright spot is her friendship with Sally Pugh, the daughter of the local tavern owner. Until Papa’s bride-to-be arrives . . . and forbids Rachel from seeing Sally.
Determined to remain friends, Rachel and Sally search for a secret place to meet. They discover a hidden island in the Charles Town port, containing a sinkhole filled with quicksand, rocks with mysterious markings, . . . and a human skull. But when the girls are stranded overnight and overhear men in a hidden lagoon, they realize they’ve stumbled onto something big. It could destroy Rachel’s father’s business . . . and Rachel’s life.
This ebook includes a historical afterword.

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