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Abraham Verghese: A Biography: The life and times of Abraham Verghese, in one convenient little book.

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In 1980, Abraham Verghese joined thousands of other hopeful medical graduates from the University of Madras and entered into the competitive world of residents and interns in the United States. As he stepped off the plane to begin his career as a doctor in an unfamiliar environment, he could never have imagined that his presence in the US would change the face of medicine forever. Verghese's passion for patients, determination to eliminate prejudice and compassionate nature would inspire others, driving doctors worldwide to take a different approach to the way they practiced medicine.

Born in the impoverished country of Ethiopia, Verghese has spent much of his life battling against the social restraints that threatened to hold him back from achieving his dreams. He spent much of his youth facing injustice in his home country and was raised around poverty.


Background & Basics

+ Who Is Abraham Verghese?

+ Background and Upbringing

Verghese, the Writer

+ Major Awards and Accomplishments

Public and Private Persona

+ Abraham Verghese's Personal Life

+ Recent News

+ Public Statements and Attributed Quotes

+ Interesting Facts About Abraham Verghese

+ ...and much more

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