Caring for Your Older Dog (Old Dogs, Old Friends Book 2)

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Caring for Your Older Dog (Old Dogs, Old Friends Book 2)

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Old Dogs, Old Friends book 2, an illustrated e-book from Puppy Care Education.

We all one day notice that our dog is getting older. Often suddenly realizing that they are no longer able to do all the things they used to, that their eyes are looking cloudy or seeing that gray hair is getting very noticeable on their face. Old dogs slow down and may take it easy but they still love a bit of excitement and they have become wonderful companions. It can suddenly be very disturbing to think of what the future holds.

In Old Dogs, Old Friends Chris Walkowicz and Bonnie Wilcox have created a set of books about loving, living with, and caring for our old dogs, our old friends. The authors have collected wonderful personal stories from literally hundreds of owners of old dogs to illustrate what sharing their lives with our old friends can be like.

If you have a four legged family member who has reached or is approaching old age the two books in the Old Dogs, Old Friends series—Enjoying Your Older Dog and Caring for Your Older Dog—makes not only inspirational and moving, but also practical reading, about the specific health care needs of the older dog.

Caring for Your Older Dog looks at many of the illnesses and problems that can occur as old age advances, and helps to show what can be done to alleviate them, also providing information that may help you to live with them.

Enjoying Your Older Dog is about making the most of your companions later years and savoring them.

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