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Jack and Jill: Army

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Jack and Jill: Army

Lunghezza: 284 pagine4 ore


He’s an orphan,
She’s a tomboy,
They’re both soldiers . . .

Lieutenant Jill Jacobson is determined to prove herself in a man’s world, the Army, but needs an experienced partner to do so. She handpicked Sergeant Jack Savage to be her sniping partner because he’s tough, and has a protective spirit—both of which will be needed on their first mission. She must convince him that she’s a worthy leader: fearless, trustworthy, and capable in combat so that he will obey her commands without doubt or hesitation.

Jack aspires to lead a sniper team, and loathes taking orders from a woman. But, his tough demeanor is pricked by her courageous attitude and uncanny ability to get her job done under dangerous and demanding conditions.

When Jack and Jill parachute into the deep dark jungle of South America, neither realize the peril, and romance, that will arise.

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