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Moss and Cobblestone Crib Quilt

Moss and Cobblestone Crib Quilt

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Moss and Cobblestone Crib Quilt

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Apr 14, 2014


A beautiful Moss and Cobblestone crib quilt made from cotton yarn soft enough for any baby’s skin. Also lovely for use in an elegant antique cradle to cover a doll. The pattern, although not fully reversible, looks wonderful on either the right or wrong side.

A friend of mine said she would name this a “waffle” quilt since the design looks much like the press of a waffle iron. However, being devoted to all things Aran, I thought I would stick with the traditional description of the interior stitch as a “Cobblestone” pattern.

Make a loving gift from this multi-page pattern, which comes complete with reference photos and detailed instructions. Beginner skill level.

Things you should know to knit this pattern:

Size: Approximately 24 inches x 30 inches -- for an infant’s use in the crib, car seat, or anywhere that requires a covering for warmth

This pattern is made completely on U.S. size 7 needles

Supplies needed:

This particular pattern requires a lightweight, preferably cotton, yarn that will give excellent pattern definition to the cobblestone motif. When choosing a yarn, be sure to choose a sport weight. The yarn used in the reference photographs for this quilt is a bit lighter than a real sport weight, but the yarn’s combination of cotton and elastic provides just the right mix for making these “cobblestones” stand out on either side.

Size US 7 (circular 29 inch) needles

Stitch Markers

Skill Level: Beginner

Apr 14, 2014

Informazioni sull'autore

Tracy Zhang began knitting at age four when her mother introduced her to a skilled knitting teacher, Mrs. Kay Wunderlich. Since then Tracy has knitted primarily for self, family, and friends. In 2008, after retirement, she began selling her original patterns. Always inspired by traditional Aran patterns and designs, Tracy acknowledges that nearly all her creations contain Aran design elements. It is an indulgence to which she gives free rein. If you have any questions about Tracy's patterns, please contact her at Comments, questions and suggestions for improvement are always welcome. Happy Knitting!

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Moss and Cobblestone Crib Quilt - Tracy Zhang

Praise for Tracy Zhang Patterns

One of my favorite designers. Thanks again, Tracy!

A most gracious seller with exquisite patterns.

Beautiful pattern, easy instructions. Thanks.

Pattern detailed and easy to read.

Great pattern, easy knit ... loved the details.





Tracy Zhang

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2014 Tracy Zhang

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Copyright 2014 Tracy Zhang

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