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Surviving the First Two Weeks of School

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Surviving the First Two Weeks of School

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You have just graduated with a degree in education, and are ready for your first classroom! Or are you? You might even be a second or third year teacher with a few lingering jitters. Did you know that in addition to creating spectacular lessons, you need to be an interior designer, manager, relationship builder and more. How do you survive the first few weeks of school, so that the rest of the year is a powerful learning experience for all?

In "Surviving the First Two Weeks of School", you will get tips on the many roles of teachers, organizing your classroom, creating learning centers, involving parents and family, and team-building activities to help "break the ice" of this new beginning. Importantly, learn more about building a community of learners: a group of people who value, support, and respect each other in their individual and group learning experiences.

A must have resource for new and not-yet veteran teachers - no matter the grade!
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