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The Law of Natural Manifestation

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The Law of Natural Manifestation

Valutazione: 1.5 stelle su 51.5/5 (2 recensioni)
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So, you have read ‘The Secret’? You have gone through the words of many modern Law of Attraction writers who taught you that you can attract a bizarre feather, live a gay-style life, write a best-seller book, and go dating with scores of women just by muttering some ‘affirmations’, creating a ‘vision-board’, thinking positive, suppressing your genuine feelings by labeling them as ‘negative’, signing a fake bank-note as a strategy of ‘make-believe’ and sticking a thousand-dollar note to your ceiling to see it the first thing in the morning!

Ah, if life could have been such a playful fun! Far ... far they have dragged you from the true path of manifesting your core desire! And you wonder why the Law of Attraction is not changing your kismet!

Know the truth ... because only ‘truth can set you free’, not your ‘make-believes’. Know that something is manifested when it is natural; things become natural when they are subconsciously accepted; only such things are subconsciously accepted which one deserves; one rightly deserves that which is akin to his soul's path.

Read this book to release your true potentials and for self-emancipation from the passions of mind. This is the secret beyond ‘The Secret’!

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