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Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions

Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions

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Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions

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Nov 28, 2012


European physicians practicing Biological Medicine have observed that one out of three patients do not respond well to properly selected healing protocols until electromagnetic interferences are eliminated. As a young doctor studying these methods, the author saw a need for a book that would not only educate patients about the issues of electromagnetic stress, but provide simple self-help guidance. Most writings on the subject focus on making the case that we have a serious problem at hand... another one. While this may be true, in the context of a reader who is seeking to restore optimum health, the focus needs to be on solutions... hence the title "Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions. After introducing the full range of electromagnetic frequencies both in nature and in modern technology, the book focuses is on which types of EMF sources are most commonly a problem, and ultimately on what approaches have proven most successful in dealing with the unique attributes of each kind of stress source.

Now in its third edition, Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions has been revised and updated, now benefiting from 30 years of the author's clinical experience in eye care, natural medicine and spiritual healing coming from the perspective that all healing is ultimately self healing. We are always facing stresses, and always making our best attempts to compensate and overcome these stresses, including the residual effects of past encounters that have not been fully healed. Using German electrophysiological biofeedback techniques to facilitate biocommunication, Dr. Swartwout has pioneered methods for listening to the innate knowledge and wisdom of the body as seen in its response patterns to environmental, physiological and pathophysiological stimuli, including the various types of electromagnetic and geopathic stresses outlined in the book.

In addition to environmental and behavioral solutions, extensive information is also included about useful remedial and protective support via diet, nutrition, homeopathy, flower essences, vibrational medicine, and botanical medicine, East and West... This book is a highly readable tour de force on an essential, and still under-recognized topic and is an important addition to any health practitioner, caregiver or self-help library.

Nov 28, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Dr. Glen Swartwout graduated Magna Cum Laude with honors in Environmental Earth Sciences and Chemistry from Dartmouth College, and received his doctorate at the top of his class in Vision Science with honors in Optics as well as Leadership, being inducted into both Beta Sigma Kappa and the Gold Key Honor Societies at the State University of New York in Manhattan, where he trained at the largest outpatient vision clinic in the world. He served as Editor, Vice President and President of the American Optometric Student Association serving 4000 international student doctor members. He is the author of over 50 professional papers, books, and software programs. His first professional office was in Tokyo, Japan. Over 5 hours of educational videos are available at

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Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions - Dr. Glen Swartwout

This book has been recommended by

The Institute for Baubiologie

The American Academy of Biological Dentistry

Dr. Swartwout's thoroughness as a researcher is unquestionable. I fully support and recommend his book to everyone concerned about their own health.

-Dr. Jacob Liberman, author of LIGHT: Medicine of the Future


Electromagnetic Pollution Solutions

What You Can Do To Keep Your Home & Workplace Safe

Glen-Martin Swartwout, A.B., B.D., O.D., N.D., F.I.C.A.N., F.C.S.O.

Copyclaim 2012 by Dr. Glen-Martin: Swartwout

Published by The Shire

at Smashwords

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit


Table of Contents


What Is Electromagnetic Stress?

Nature's Electromagnetic Spectrum

Jamming Nature's Spectrum: Technology Fields

Types of Electromagnetic Stress

Modern Technology Stress

Natural Stress Sources

Detecting Electromagnetic Pollution

Detecting Natural Fields

Detecting Technical Fields

Detection of Biological Effects

Solutions for EMF Stress

Moving or Eliminating the Field

Moving the Person

Support for the Body Energy System

Ongoing Research on Electromagnetic Stresses and Solutions




EMF Glossary


About the Author



When I first decided to write this book in the 1980's, electromagnetic pollution was just coming on our radar as one of the major potential health hazards of the modern era. There were just beginning to be a couple of books in English with enough information to scare readers about technology related electromagnetic fields as a risk factor, and nothing about geopathic and other natural fields which were known to be a major part of the problem in Europe, where the culture had gained insight from living in the same structures for many generations. In Germany, for example, it was illegal to sell a house with a room labeled as a bedroom if it was known that generations had died of cancer by sleeping in that room.

Through study of natural healing including European Biological Medicine, I became aware that one out of three patients would encounter some sort of EMF as a block to cure in their self-healing process, even with all the right medicines. As a health practitioner bringing cutting edge complementary medicine to highly educated New Yorkers, including plenty of engineers working at nearby General Electric, I recognized the acute need for educational material that would help to bridge the chasm between our conventional training in science and medicine in New York, and the healing pathways being forged in hospitals and clinics across the Atlantic.

I had learned in particular that an engineer wants to 'read something' before they do something that sounds silly, like moving their bed, when it is discovered that the geopathic zone they are sleeping in is keeping their body from repairing itself each night.

In the end, we all benefit when we begin to model and understand more fully how things really work in this wondrous life we are given. Our models may only ever be metaphors, but to the degree that they are explanatory of our observations, help us to see the world more fully and accurately, and thereby, help us to respond with greater flexibility to meet each person's unique needs.

As Albert Einstein said, we should make our models as simple as possible... and no simpler. This is particularly important when it comes to self-healing... Which is the only kind of healing there is. Much of the world-view of modern science tends to forget that it is a world-view, and that this requires not only a world, but also a viewer. Being trained in the psychophysics of vision, I find myself uniquely attuned to this need to keep in touch with both the subjective domain of the psyche, which is where, and more importantly how all of this wonderful stuff of modeling and understanding takes place, and the world of physics, the matter over which we are attempting to stretch our minds.

The more we understand the nature of this world, the more we realize that material substance is simply a standing wave of energy which is coherent in time. All is field. The field of each quantum extends to infinity. And all fields therefore interpenetrate. The link between body and soul is just such an interpenetration of the fields of the two bodies, each with its electromagnetic functionality, and they therefore integrate via this common language of the field.

How crucial then, that we begin to realize the degree to which we have filled the electromagnetic spectrum of this living energetic universe, including our own bodies, with technical fields that may be disharmonic in their interaction with our own... May we live to see a world in which we begin to find and utilize the equally potent harmonic frequencies that the natural world has to offer...

-'Dr. Glen' aka Glendalf


A Case History: Hidden-Dangers & Practical-Solutions

A young boy had been diagnosed with leukemia. He was receiving the best care of both the orthodox and the natural medical practitioners. His naturopathic physician, one of the author’s mentors, found through Bio-Energetic Regulation tests that electromagnetic stress was a causative factor in this case. The family lived well within a quarter mile of one of the large transmission lines that course through Toronto.

Being skeptical about the significance of the electromagnetic stress, the family was taking a wait and see approach, while doing everything else possible to help the boy. During this time, the leukemia continued to worsen, although it was a slow decline because of the good medical and naturopathic care.

Then, during the summer, the family unknowingly conducted a clinical trial of moving the boy out of the electromagnetic stress field. He had gone to stay with his grandmother for a couple weeks. For the first time in his treatment, he showed improvement in his blood count. When this improvement began to fade rapidly, the family was convinced of the value of further investigation.

Again the boy was sent off to Grandma’s, and for the second time showed improved response to his treatments. Finally, this family had gained enough personal experience through their own investigations to confirm the original electro-acupuncture findings of their doctor. In this case, it was actually necessary for the family to sell this house and move to one in a less polluted electromagnetic environment. This was a small price to pay for the health of their son, however.


What is Electromagnetic Stress?

In physics, as first proposed by Einstein, there is ultimately one unified energy field. This field has been perceived and comprehended in this century in the form of the four forces of physics. These are the strong and weak forces of the atomic nucleus, the force of gravity, which acts on the scale of the heavenly bodies, and electromagnetism, which governs interactions on the molecular scale.

The process of life depends entirely upon electromagnetic interactions between the molecules, which make up our bodies. The making and breaking of chemical bonds is electromagnetic. The release of energy from food is electromagnetic. When two electromagnetic fields are superimposed, the interaction is called interference.

What is Electromagnetic Stress?

Electromagnetic stress is metabolic disruption caused by electromagnetic interference. This can be due to artificial or natural electromagnetic fields. As these fields interpenetrate the tissues

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