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Achil & The Rise Of The Mandrake

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Book II of the Chronicles of Achil recounts The Rise of The Mandrake. It has been five years since Achil made his home among the Dragon People of Osgaroth; that peaceful time is about to come to a sudden end. Hidden in the lands of Mead, a malice waits to be unleashed on the unsuspecting Finns. Can the Dragon People ride to their aid in time, or will the city of Findolin be overrun. Once more Achil and his friends must face adversity as they struggle against a foe that has swept all before it.

The Mandrake are a most insidious foe, relentless, tireless, fearless, led by Jin, a mysterious monstrous warlord who unbeknownst to everyone has a connection to the lands he intends conquering.

This is an epic story which has the usual Dragons and Werewolves to it but it stands out from the rest through an elaborate thrilling story that condemns the reader to the worst crime of all, alienation from family and friends as they will have a complete inability to put the book down. Filled with treachery, betrayal, intrigue and adventure. It is well worth its five star rating.

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