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Look Younger, Slimmer & Chic Affordably: Makeup, Hair, Skincare and Fashion Tips for a Youthful New You

Look Younger, Slimmer & Chic Affordably: Makeup, Hair, Skincare and Fashion Tips for a Youthful New You

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Look Younger, Slimmer & Chic Affordably: Makeup, Hair, Skincare and Fashion Tips for a Youthful New You

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Feb 3, 2014


Discover the all-important secrets to looking years younger than your age. “Look Younger, Slimmer & Chic Affordably” gives you all the beauty tricks and fashion tips you need to look youthful, sexy, sophisticated, and much slimmer in your clothes. You will learn:

• Makeup tricks that really work and make you look instantly radiant, beautiful, and literally decades younger.
• What makeup to use and which items you should throw away so that you will always look young and fresh.
• Which hairstyles and hair colors look youthful, and enhance both the complexion and features of women over forty.
• How to keep your skin looking healthy, young, and vibrant.
• How to keep your hands looking youthful and your nails in top shape.
• Tips on how to lower your weight and fight cravings.
• How to wear statement necklaces, earrings, and rings, and how to maintain your jewelry so that your favorite items are always gleaming and fabulous.
• How to choose the right lingerie for your figure, and tips on looking bustier and slimmer in the bedroom.
• How to stay on-trend and fashion-wise, while looking inches slimmer and years younger in clothes.
• Must-have clothes and accessories that will make your wardrobe look expensive.
• How to add designer clothes and accessories to your wardrobe in an affordable way.

By following the simple advice offered, you will look years younger from head to toe. By adding specific items to your wardrobe, your clothes will look like they cost a fortune. And by polishing your style, you will look instantly chic.

Product recommendations for makeup, hair care, nail care, skincare, and shapewear are included.
Feb 3, 2014

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Look Younger, Slimmer & Chic Affordably - Susanna Gold



Women are looking younger longer than ever before. Expressions such as: Forty is the new thirty, come about when a noticeable change takes place in society, and observation becomes truth.

Women who make an effort to take care of themselves and stay current on the latest fashion, beauty, and health trends have found that they are able to win the beauty battle and extend their youth. Being in-the-know is the first step to knocking years off your appearance.

The second step involves knowing when to grow up. Looking younger than your age is not the same as mimicking twenty-somethings. Instead, it’s about developing your own style - having fun with fashion and choosing clothes that make you look slim, feminine, and sophisticated. It’s also about wearing the right makeup and using the correct skincare and hair products. The end result will be: When you look in the mirror, you’re pleased with what you see. Your skin looks vibrant and glows. The makeup you wear brightens your face, calling attention to your sparkling eyes and pretty pout. Your hair is bouncy and full. Your hair color enhances your complexion, and your hairstyle is soft, complementing your face shape and features.

A lifetime of beauty can be achieved if you are able to adjust to change and know the all-important secrets to looking years younger than your age. With a few simple beauty tricks and some helpful fashion tips, starting now, you can look younger, slimmer, and more stylish than you ever thought possible.

Chapter One

Youthful Hair: The Right Color and Style

Your hair is one of the first things people notice when they look at you. A thick head of hair that is rich in color is youthful. Maintaining your hair color longer after each coloring can be achieved by using a gentle shampoo and conditioner, specifically designed for color-treated hair. When styling, it’s important that you treat your hair in a delicate manner, like a fine fabric that must be handled with care. When deciding on a hairstyle, avoid styles that fall flat, or make your hair appear lifeless. Instead, opt for styles that give your hair volume and allow it to fall softly around your face.

Choosing a Soft-Looking Hairstyle


Layered hairstyles add dimension and volume to the hair. They are also feminine and frame the face. Layers do not have to be obvious; they can be subtle and barely detectable.

Layers should be blended into the hair rather than falling sharply around the face.

Jagged or razor-cut layers have severe edges and should be avoided.

The hair should have a together movement when you shake your head, and it should have body and shine.

For a medium-length layered haircut, the shortest layers are cut at the jaw line or just below it, and longer cascading layers fall along the neck until they reach the shoulders. For a long layered hairstyle, similar to the medium-length style, layers are cut at the jaw line, and longer layers gently fall past the shoulders, creating a wavy look.

Short and medium-length hairstyles are the most flattering on women over forty. However, if you’re attached to your long hair, a layered look will not age you, because of its softness.


Also known as fringe in Europe, this look is especially attractive on women with high foreheads.

Heavy, chunky, razored bangs or blunt-cut bangs that fall straight across the forehead are aging on women over forty. So are bangs that are too short (those that fall well above the eyebrows). In contrast, bangs of light or medium thickness that fall at the brow, and have a natural easy movement can make a woman look much younger.

Wispy bangs, long enough to be swept to the side of the forehead look beautiful on women who have low foreheads.

If you feel that a layered hairstyle is not for you, try bangs instead for a similar softening effect.

Parting Your Hair:

When parting your hair, follow its natural movement and part it on either side of the head. A distinct part down the middle of the hair is too severe a look for most women.

Ponytails and Updos:

When creating a ponytail, gently comb the hair back and gather it together. To make a low ponytail, use a thin twisty and tie it around your hair in the back of your head.

Brightly-colored or large scrunchies are distracting and can cheapen your look.

High ponytails can put tension on the hair, causing breakage. This style of ponytail is also a more severe look than a low ponytail that can be worn either in back or to the side of the head, framing the face. However, if you have a long, elegant neck and you feel that a high ponytail shows off this asset best, use small bobby pins that are the same color as your hair and place them strategically to give the ponytail the support it needs.

Large clips and bobby pins that are obvious can ruin the look of an otherwise sophisticated hairstyle. Pins should be invisible or barely seen. The same rule applies to updos such as chignons and buns.

An updo or ponytail that pulls all the hair away from your face can make you look older. To counteract this effect make sure that small bits of hair fall around the sides of your face to serve as a soft frame for your features, or wear bangs swept to the side of your forehead.


Thick, plastic, or brightly-colored hairbands look matronly on women over forty. If you like the way your hair falls with the aid of a hairband, choose styles that have an understated elegance. Hairbands that closely match your hair color are versatile and chic, and metallic and neutral-colored hairbands will not clash with clothing.

If you can’t find a hairband in stores that you like, create your own. Stop into a fabric store and ask a salesperson to help you find the right stretchy material for your desired purpose. Once you’ve found the fabric you want, measure it to fit comfortably around your head and either sew the ends together or tie them underneath.


For an evening look, adding a touch of glamour to your hair with a glittery barrette is elegant. However, more than one can have the opposite effect; several shiny barrettes can appear overly dramatic or too girlish and detract from your beauty. If you own an item that you enjoy wearing, stick with the one.

Hair Color That Makes You Look Younger


If you are happy with your natural hair color overall, but feel that it’s too dark for your complexion and overpowers you, or it looks drab next to your skin, consider adding some face-framing highlights for warmth or brightness.

On brunettes, caramel or honey-colored highlights complement both olive complexions and fair skin tones.

For dark or medium-blondes, baby-blonde highlights add the right touch of shimmer near the face.

For women with light blonde hair, low-lights bring warmth and dimension, but are best done at a salon by someone who is a color expert.

On redheads, light red highlights glisten, enhancing a fair complexion.

If you’ve never used a highlighting kit before, these normally come with a cream developer and a powder, plus a mixing tray and an applicator brush. Be sure to read the directions carefully so that you know

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