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Some Violets of Eastern Japan

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Some Violets of Eastern Japan

Lunghezza: 102 pagine25 minuti


NOTE WELL: This book is a PHOTO BOOK - designed for viewing/reading on devices which support color.

A PHOTO book showing some of the species of Violets which can be found in Eastern Japan. The authors have been photographing Violets for about 8 years and have finally put together this collection of Violets photos showing what a visitor to the forests and mountains of Eastern Japan can hope to find in the spring of the year. This book lists scientific names (Latin) as well as the Japanese common names (in Katakana).

Daniel has been living (and photographing) in Japan for over 10 years now. His partner and himself started photographing Violets about 8 years ago and became interested in identifying them correctly soon after that. They found a detailed book in Japanese language, so Kazuya (the co-author of this work) was able to read it, but not Daniel. They found this work to be very good and were quickly able to start identifying their photographs of Violets. They have added about 60 species to their life list since they have been Violets maniacs. This book shows 87 of Daniel and Kazuya's photos of Violets.

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