How To Sell Your Own House

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How To Sell Your Own House

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There is no doubt in my mind that you can get more money for your house and in most cases sell it quicker by selling it yourself. Times have changed, it is now not necessary to employ a real estate company to sell a house that you own, especially with Internet marketing available to anyone. There is no sound reason why sellers with average intelligence can't advertise and take people through their own houses themselves and save many thousands of dollars in unnecessary real estate commissions. All you need to do is advertise the property for sale, answer phone calls and show people through the house. When someone wants to make an offer, you get him or her to make the offer through your respective solicitors, whom you would still have to use if you sold through an agency anyway. I have privately sold four properties of my own over the years. Prior to that, I had spent several years as a real estate salesman, so I can teach you all you need to know about doing the job yourself.

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