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How To Build Straight Stairs

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How To Build Straight Stairs

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Whether you're planning on building a two step stairway or a 20 step stairway, this book can provide you with enough information, to get the job done. Did I mention simple and easy, well, this book was written in 2007 and is one of Greg’s best selling books, you won't be disappointed.

About the Author

Before Greg Vanden Berge was an international best-selling author, he built stairs and he built hundreds of them, quite possibly thousands of them, before becoming a contractor. If you're looking for a true master stair builder and someone with an ability to create simple and easy to follow instructions, Greg’s your man.

Greg lives with his family in Vista, California and enjoys fishing, writing, reading and of course gardening. Check out some of his other books, he also dabbles in realistic humanity and writes about other subjects, he's passionate about.

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