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Animal Workouts: Animal Movement Based Bodyweight Training For Everyone

Animal Workouts: Animal Movement Based Bodyweight Training For Everyone

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Animal Workouts: Animal Movement Based Bodyweight Training For Everyone

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Oct 26, 2010


Workout Like An Animal!

Discover How Bodyweight Exercises Based On Animal Movement Can Help You Transform Your Body And Your Life

What is the ultimate form of bodyweight training? Is it Tai Bo? Cross fit? Perhaps some form of running? Some of these forms of exercises are good (and others not, *cough * running *cough*) but they are not the best. If you want to perform the best bodyweight exercises that will make you lean and mean in record time look no further than Mother Nature.
Here’s what I mean. Any animal you can think of possess a fitness level heads and shoulders above what man can do. Consider the following:

The Endurance Of A Tiger

All big cats posses unbelievable coordination, flexibility, speed and power. An adult tiger has the strength and endurance to roam over a domain that may cover a 100 square miles. How many men or women can do that? It's said that the tendons in the legs of a tiger are so strong that if it's shot in the head it will remain standing. Now THAT'S strength.

The Power Of A Gorilla

Gorilla's are approximately the same height as a man. However, they are 300 to 500 pounds of pure muscle, and they do this on a mostly vegetarian diet! They are also 5 to 20 times stronger than the average man, yet they never lift weights. What do they know that we don't?

The Speed Of A Cheetah

Cheetah's are lean, powerful, and fast. They are capable of running at speeds in excess of 70 mph. Yet you never see them running on a treadmill, do you?

What Is Mother Nature’s Secret? Bodyweight Training

The fact of the matter is that animals in nature don’t perform cross fit, tai bo, or any of the other countless ways that man has come up with to stay in shape. The only thing they do is exercise throughout the day using nothing but their own bodyweight. This is what gives them their explosive strength, flexibility and stamina. This is what they do. Don’t you think you should too?

If you find the idea of being as sleek, powerful and charismatic as our animal brethren appealing, then Animal Workouts: Animal Movement Based Bodyweight Training For Everyoneis for you. Within its pages you will find a variety of bodyweight exercises based on animal movements that are appropriate for every age and fitness level. Here are some of the advantages of performing bodyweight training exercises based on animal movements:

Fat will MELT off your body - Have you ever seen a fat fox? When you train your whole body as a unit, you are using ALL of your Muscles. This maximizes fat burning and fat loss like you wouldn't believe.
You will save valuable TIME - As these exercise work your entire body, you can get an entire full body kick butt workout in as little as 10 minutes a day.
You will save MONEY - These exercises can be done anywhere at anytime. Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships (not to mention the commute) and there's no need for fancy equipment or other gizmos.
You'll work your MIND and SPIRIT as well, not just your body. Whether you're an athlete or a desk jockey, this is the way to train.
You'll always feel MOTIVATED and INSPIRED - Why? Because you'll be training in a way that agrees with your body and gives you results right away!
These exercises are FUN to do – You’ll feel like a kid again doing some of these bodyweight workouts and flexibility exercises

Whether you want to reverse the aging process, lose belly fat or gain almost superhuman strength and flexibility Animal Workouts can help you get there in only minutes a day. Order this book and get started on the road to the new you TODAY!

Oct 26, 2010

Informazioni sull'autore

David Nordmark has a life long interest in health and fitness. In the past he has participated in such sports as soccer, basketball and hockey. He also was once an avid runner and weightlifter, but has since come to his senses. Today he mainly does natural exercises like Yoga and the Body Weight exercises found on his website, currently lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, although he really wouldn’t mind living somewhere else during the winter. He’s currently working on making that dream a reality.If you have any questions for him, feel free to contact him using the contact form which can be found on this website. Here’s the link:

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Animal Workouts - David Nordmark

Animal Workouts

Published by David Nordmark at Smashwords

Copyright 2010 David Nordmark

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Natural Fitness - Natural Bodyweight Exercises For Men and Women

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


The exercises and advice contained within this course may be too strenuous or dangerous for some people, and the reader(s) should consult a physician before engaging in them.

The author and publisher of this course are not responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury which may occur through reading and following the instructions herein.

Table Of Contents


Some Diet Advice

How to Perform These Exercises


Bear Crawls - Beginner

Bear Crawls - Advanced

Bear Crawl Walkouts


Rabbit - Beginner

Rabbit - Intermediate

Rabbit - Advanced


Donkey Kicks - Beginner

Donkey Kicks - Intermediate

Donkey Kicks - Advanced


Leopard Crawls - Beginner

Leopard Crawls - Intermediate

Leopard Crawls - Advanced


Cougar Strides - Beginner

Cougar Strides - Advanced


Chimpanzee Strides - Beginner

Chimpanzee Strides – Advanced

Chimpanzee Walks


Frog Sprawl - Beginner

Frog Sprawl - Advanced

Frog Jumps - Beginner

Frog Jumps - Intermediate

Frog Jumps - Advanced


Crab Walk - Beginner

Crab Walk - Intermediate

Crab Walk - Advanced

Turning Crab - Beginner

Turning Crab - Advanced


Baby Broncos - Beginner

Baby Broncos - Advanced

Bronco Sprawls - Beginner

Bronco Sprawls - Advanced

Lame Horse Walk


Gorilla Scrambles - Beginner

Gorilla Scrambles – Advanced

Gorilla Walks - Beginner

Gorilla Walks - Advanced

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon Walking


Duck Walk - Beginner

Duck Walk - Intermediate

Duck Walk - Advanced


Condor - Beginner

Condor - Intermediate

Condor - Advanced


Flamingo - Beginner

Flamingo - Intermediate

Flamingo - Advanced

One Leg Flamingo Squat


Alligator - Beginner

Alligator - Intermediate

Alligator - Advanced


Seal - Beginner

Seal - Intermediate

Seal - Advanced


Kangaroo - Beginner

Kangaroo - Intermediate

Kangaroo - Advanced


Cricket Walk

Workout Ideas

Other Sample Exercises And Advice

The Mini-Workout


Natural Fitness

Animal Stretching

Power Isometrics

Power Isotonics

About The Author

About The Models

Available Workout Programs


In my first book, "Natural Fitness - Natural Bodyweight Exercises for Men and Women, I told a story of how a question popped into my head as a young boy. I was at the zoo, looking at the Gorilla’s. They were so strong and powerful. How could they get this way when they didn’t exercise in anyway that I knew off? I’m not going to retell that story here. However, the conclusion I came to is simple. Every animal in nature is far fitter and stronger than man. Animals only train with their own bodyweight, What God gave them", so to speak. Doesn’t it make sense that men and women, who are animals after all, should train the same way?

My first book focused on the best bodyweight exercises that I know off. In my way of thinking, these are all natural, animal like exercises. Now, I know that some people have said Wait a minute, I’ve never seen a monkey do a pushup before and that’s correct. The truth of the matter is that you could get in fantastic shape if you simply climbed in a tree all day like a monkey. However, for most people, this just isn’t practical. Animals may not perform Hindu Pushups as taught in my first book, but they are still Natural exercises as they: 1) Only use your own bodyweight 2) Work your whole body as a whole, the way nature intended.

This book is different. The exercises you will find here still follow the above two principles, but they are all based on actual animal movements. Why train like this? Well, let me count the ways ...

As I said earlier, all animals possess the strength, grace, agility and flexibility that most men and women never come close to approaching. Animals never consciously go out and train for training’s sake. However, due to instinct and evolution, every movement they perform keeps them in tip top condition. It has to be this way, as their survival depends upon it. When we mimic their natural exercises (as best we can), we are able to get many of the same benefits.

This is a different way to train, and it’s fun! One of the reasons a lot of people start skipping their workouts is because they get bored with them. Training like an animal once in awhile (or all the time, if you really like it) solves this problem. Variety is the spice of life, and this kind of training will definitely add variety to your workouts.

Like the exercises from my first book, training naturally using your whole body saves you a lot of time. These exercises are so intense and functional that you can get an incredibly functional workout done in under 15 minutes. Plus, like I said before, it’s fun!

Some Diet Advice

One question I often get from people who are just starting an exercise program is Do I need to watch what I eat? The answer is "Yes’, if you want to maximize your results. Now, this is not a book on eating healthy. However, I still have some advice for you. For starters I suggest you track down my ebook Lose Weight WITHOUT Dieting. This book contains some straightforward advice on how to change your eating habits in order to lose weight for the long term. Diets don’t work. Changing your eating habits does. If you want to get in the best shape of your life you need to focus on exercise and what you eat. You could exercise everyday for hours but if your eating habits are poor you will not get the results you want. This book is available for FREE from my website at and Smashwords. You can also get it for 99 cents from Kindle or for $5.95 as a physical book from CreateSpace.

If you

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