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Juicing / Smoothies Low Carb Recipes

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Juicing / Smoothies Low Carb Recipes

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We know the value of eating fresh, healthy food. We know how wonderful it is to pluck a fresh apple off a tree and to eat it without pesticides, without processing, and without added sugar.

The philosophy of juicing and smoothies is to appreciate those natural flavors that exist all around us. Draw in the bounty of the nutrients and fiber that our world provides for our sustenance.

It’s good both to incorporate natural foods into your daily diet and also to occasionally do a cleanse. A cleanse allows your body to free itself of allergens and toxins and to start fresh. It’s like rebooting your computer to cleanse out any memory issues which may have cropped up.

Version Note:

This is the very first release of this smoothie / juicing ebook. It currently has 14 recipes in it. Please email me and let me know your favorite fruits and veggies. I will then create custom recipes using those flavors. I’ll both email them to you and add them to the book.

When the book gets another 10 recipes I’ll release a new version, and so on. As a purchaser of this initial version you’ll automatically get notified from whatever vendor you bought this book from that there’s a new release out. You’ll have eternal access to all subsequent updates of this book. I’ll note that if you buy the paperback version you’ll have access to free new ebooks – I don’t think Lulu or Amazon will mail free new printed copies to you each time :).

So, in any case, do let me know what flavors you like. The library of recipes will grow for us all!

The book also contains an appendix set of helpful background information and success tips on managing a low carb diet.

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