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Hunt Talk: What The Deer Experts Told Me

Hunt Talk: What The Deer Experts Told Me

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Hunt Talk: What The Deer Experts Told Me

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Dec 4, 2013


During my seven years of interviewing everyday people that hunt or professionals who make a living at hunting often mentioned why they hunt when I asked.
This is what they told me:
“If you have to ask, you’re not a hunter.”
“It’s what I do. It’s who I am.”
“I have always hunted; it’s just part of me.”
“It’s a lifestyle I share with my family.”
“I love the taste of wild meat; don’t you?”
“It’s all I think about 365/24/7!”
“I love to watch the sun come up while sitting in my tree stand.”
“The first time I heard a TOM gobble behind me, I was hooked.”
“I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing in fall.”
“My dad took me out with him when I was five.”
Well you get the idea; these hunters are passionate about hunting and spending time in the outdoors.
How about you: why do you hunt?
What would you say?

We certainly want and need today’s youth involved with hunting.
Clearly, if hunting is to survive, young hunters are our future. Our lifestyle is plain and simple; everyone knows without hunters purchasing licenses or using guiding services and buying new gear, the hunting industry won’t survive. Learning archery and shooting skills will always enrich any kid’s life.
How about you?
Have you helped the younger generation learn about hunting, fishing, archery, firearms, or any other outdoor activities?

Belonging to a national, regional and local outdoor organization is a great way to help our younger hunters become more involved.
Now as a deer hunter, no matter what stage you're at, please find some time to help today's youth become more involved in the outdoors through hunting and fishing. Only you and others like you can make a difference in a kid's life to have them choose to be outdoors and enjoy it.

I know from having conducted over 300 interviews with various experts and guest hunters and there was a lot to cover in this e-book. Naturally, not all of the guest speakers that I interviewed were talking about deer hunting. Most hunters and anglers are committed to conserving the outdoors and giving back to nature. Hopefully you’re one of them.

Dec 4, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Peter was born in London in 1973 and works as an editor in London. He has written and directed a number of short films as well as collaborated on a number of other creative projects. Peter loves dogs, gigs, sci-fi and film noir.

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Hunt Talk - Peter Wood

Hunt Talk –

What the deer experts told me

Deer hunting experts reveal their proven tactics, preferred gear, outfitter destinations and much more!

By Peter Wood

Host of

Hunt Talk on the Ripple Outdoors Hunting and Fishing Podcasts Show

Copyright 2013 Peter Wood

Smashwords Edition

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table of Contents




Chapter 1: Why We Hunt

Chapter 2: My Five Stages as a Deer Hunter

Chapter 3: The Future of Hunting

Chapter 4: Essential Archery and Firearm Gear

Chapter 5: Quality Gear That Works

Chapter 6: Optics That Make a Difference

Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Scent Control

Chapter 9: Quality Deer Management Association -- Q.D.M.A.

Chapter 10: Advanced Tree Stand Tactics

Chapter 11: Hunt talk final chapters


I first met Peter Wood in 2006 at the BassPro Shop in Vaughan Ontario. It was during the first year of my starting Canada In The Rough., Canada’s much heralded hunting adventure documentary television show. It was also at the embryonic stage of Peter beginning his much respected series of Podcasts. This interesting gentleman approached me, reached out his hand, and said Hey Thomas, I’m Peter Wood and I’d like to chat with you about your TV show on my Podcast Show. Frankly I had little understanding of what a Podcast was in those days and even less belief at how compelling and game changing this medium could be. Over the years Peter would make me a believer in this new compelling medium. I granted the interview on the spot as Peter seemed to be one of those authentic people that really gave a damn about things that concern me; getting the truth out to the world at large about the anthropology and importance or hunting. No junk science, no media rhetoric…just the truth. We adjourned to a small room away from the hub-bub of autograph signing and began to chat about my love for the outdoors and why a successful urban business guy like me felt the need to step into rural Canada and produce Canada’s first national hunting television show. I shared with Peter my love of the outdoors that had started as a young boy and Boy Scout in Quebec and discussed my disdain for American Style whackem stackem kind of TV shows. He quickly got the idea and appeared to empathize with my position that hunting is so much more than about killing. It is about the adventure. It is about the need to connect to nature and it is about the need to connect with people on a new yet traditional platform that urban junk science and urban pressure has made nearly impossible. It is about connecting or reconnecting with the soul of who we are and not what we have become. It is about taking time to smell the roses, or the leaves in the spring forest as it were. It’s about breathing our wonderful fresh air and drinking from the natural water supply of this country that bubbles up from a spring fed mountain creek. It is about seeing the wonder in a child’s eye when he or she harvests their first game bird or animal. It is about sitting around a campfire with friends and family and sharing tales of days gone by and anticipating experiences to come and stories yet to be told. . Peter got it and gets it. He understands the magic of Canada’s hinterlands and the role we play as cogs in the wheel of natures eco system. Our first interview became one of many and I am honored to have been Peter’s No. 1 Podcast. Peter had and has a special talent to listen and quietly ask questions that direct his story but does so without judgment or bias. He is a true reporter, a true outdoorsman and a good friend. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this journey Peter. I look forward to our next fireside chat together.

Thomas Pigeon

Founder & Creator or "Canada In The Rough. Hunting evangelist & Proud Canadian

Thomas Pigeon is the creator of Canada In The Rough, Canada’s first national hunting documentary adventure television series. He was the founder of Canada’s first national hunting advocacy organization The Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA). He is the founder of the Young Hunter Education Scholarship Fund which has enabled hundreds of otherwise financially challenged young men and women to have the chance to acquire their Hunter Education Course and therefore to become licensed to hunt. He is a lifetime member of Safari Club International, The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and countless others. He has been a tireless advocate of hunter’s rights and an ardent contributor to and supporter of the role that hunters play in funding the conservation efforts of Natural Resource ministries throughout Canada. Thomas currently resides in Brescia, Italy a stone’s throw away from Gardone Val Trompia where his first show sponsor and friends, The Beretta Family with a 500 year dynasty of producing sporting firearms reside. He lives in Europe but his heart is resident the fields and mountains of Canada where he migrates to every fall to take in the time honored tradition of the hunt.


Peter Wood host of Hunt Talk Radio and Ripple Outdoors Hunting and Fishing Podcasts Show divulges what the hunting experts discussed and told him during seven years of interviews on his show.

During one-on-one interviews, expert hunters revealed their best tactics to hunt whitetail deer, moose, bear, turkeys, waterfowl, upland game and predators.

Cut years off your learning curve to hunt, as outdoor industry experts, with years of hunting experience, inform you what worked to make theirs a successful hunt.

With over 300 interviews, all aspects of hunting were discussed from per-season scouting, gear that works, why location, location, location is vital and, of course, pre/post season requirements.

Hunting industry experts discuss new gear and how it helped improve their success in the field. Destinations and lodges often highlighted a hunter’s hunting expedition on numerous occasions. Location does make a difference.

Discover their secrets and tactics to learn how they turned their hunt into an awesome adventure!


Why we hunt might I think is best conveyed by Randall L. Eaton Ph.D. the author of From Boys to Men of Heart, hunting as a rite of passage. Professor Eaton was the keynote speaker during the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters annual convention in 2010.

Randall talked about his book with me during the convention, and I definitely agreed with the reasons and the importance of introducing and involving younger generations into hunting. It makes them better people.


In 2006, Peter wanted to connect with younger hunters in a format they loved to use for entertainment and information. The World Wide Web was their playground and Apple’s iTunes audio format certainly was a logical choice to reach out to young kids in search of information about hunting.

Video, now so popular on You Tube, was still in its infancy on the web and computers with slow download speeds were at best, marginal. Audio available for downloads or listening was the start of Web 2.0.MP3 podcast shows with quality hunting content was scarce but easily downloaded.

After the first twenty episodes on iTunes were published under the Go Fishing website then replaced by Ripple Outdoors site. Now with over 300 recorded episodes and over 13,000 subscribers listening to hunting and fishing interviews, it was time to expand into an international market. CEO Brad Saul of the Web Talk Radio network contacted Peter Wood to produce a thirty-minute Hunt Talk show for their global audience.

In 2011, Peter Wood, host of Ripple Outdoors, was extremely excited to expand the MP3 format

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