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Controlling the Yo-Yo

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Controlling the Yo-Yo

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Need help controlling your emotional yo-yo?
Need a quick fix and effective long-term strategies?
Controlling the Yo-Yo, is a do-it-yourself book full of quick, simple methods that positively stimulate your body’s physiology, to combat the mental, emotional and physical challenges of living in a modern society.
When you boost your mood, you boost your immune system too! You will learn how to enjoy the process of emotional transformation and recovery, by applying the methods Nancy reliably uses every time. It doesn't matter what is bringing your yo-yo down. The rules and tools remain the same to lift your mood! Learn how you can get immediate positive results... any time!
Like a best friend would, Nancy shares how she got through life’s low moments including:
• stress
• depression
• divorce
• unemployment
• tragic death of a loved one
• being stuck in a negative mindset
• suicidal thoughts
You will discover how simple, gentle, and enjoyable each chapter is to apply into your life. Nancy uses light-hearted, non-technical language. You can heal yourself at your own pace and lift your mood any time you choose to. The same methods can be used to learn how to live a life full of peace, self-love, and enjoyment. You will become your own best friend!

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