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The Working Title: How to Write, Publish and Market your Book

The Working Title: How to Write, Publish and Market your Book

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The Working Title: How to Write, Publish and Market your Book

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Nov 26, 2013


The Working Title is a simple book that answers all the questions you will ever ask about writing, publishing or marketing your printed or virtual book. It is based on the Frequently Asked Questions sent to the website of the same name. It is written in South Africa but the content applies wherever you are in the world.

Nov 26, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Richard Mulvey is South Africa’s leading Seminar Speaker and over the last 17 years has inspired and motivated over 150,000 business people throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. Richard’s impressive client list includes most of South Africa’s leading Corporate Companies.Richard is the past President of the Professional Speakers’ Association of Southern Africa and a member of the Global Speakers Federation. Richard is a prolific writer and has published 17 books, as well as over 50 DVDs, CDs and MP3s all available world wide.Apart from a successful corporate career Richard has also worked for the Queen in Buckingham Palace, written and marketed a multi-restaurant accounting package called “Trade Inn”. Traveled overland from London to South Africa and back again and recently climbed Kilimanjaro to raise R70,000 for Reach for a Dream.Richard’s passion is moving minds and creating understanding where there was just confusion.

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The Working Title - Richard Mulvey

The Working Title

How to Write Publish and Market a Book

Richard Mulvey, Charlotte Kemp, Roger Knowles

Published by Richard Mulvey at Smashwords

Copyright 2014 Richard Mulvey

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be resold or given away to other people. If you like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of the author.

This book has been a year or so in the making. It is based upon the Working Title website ( and the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the site. I hope you find the contents of some value.

Table of Contents



How do you write a book

What is the normal motivation for writing a book

I have so many ideas - which should I use for a book

Can you make money from writing a book

Who would do the layout of a book

What software do you use to write with?  Anything special?

Who designs the cover

Who would edit the book and make it readable

How do I know if my book will have a market

How do I do research

Should I get a critique on my manuscript

Can I write the book as a blog

Should I write Fiction or Nonfiction

How do I get my book written for me (Ghost Writing)

How many pages are there in a book / how many words on a page

Can I include colour / Do I need to have graphics

How do I get started writing

How long should I write for at a time

What is the best time to write and where should I write

How long should the book be

How Do I Know the Book is Finished

What is the Magic Ingredient

Should I concentrate on Getting it Down or Getting it Right

How do I cope with Writer’s Block


How do I publish my book

What choices do I have when getting my book published

Should you self-publish the first time or look for a publisher

Where do I find a publisher

What happens if I get rejected by a publisher

Will the publisher edit the book

How long will the publication take

Will they pay me an 'advance' to fund my writing

Will they contract with me for my next book

How do you handle rejections from publishers

What is a literary agent / Do you need one

What is a distributor

Can you describe the process of getting a book from your computer to a book shop

Where do I get my ISBN Number

Do I have to submit my book to anybody before I publish

What are eBooks

How about audio books

How is the South African market different from overseas

What is Print on Demand / Litho printing

How is the money split when I use a publisher

How many book are published each year

Should you self-publish the first time or look for a publisher

How do you approach a Publisher

What should I send a Publisher

How do I get published on Amazon / Kindle


Why would a bookstore take or not take my book

What if someone has already written something similar

How many books do I have to sell before I am considered to be a Best Selling Author

How is the South African market different from overseas

How do I get my book sold on the internet

Will the publisher pay me to travel around, promoting my book

Should I partner with somebody famous

How can I launch my book

How can I get to the overseas market

How can I use Social media to market my book

How do I market my book

How do I get publicity for my book

How do you get book reviews

How do you get media interviews

Why do people buy books

Selling hope

How do I get sponsorship for my book

How do I do a book signing when I launch an ebook

How do I create a Platform for my Book Marketing

What do I do after I have written, published and marketed my book



We all have a book inside of us, we like to think. As you are reading this, you may be one of the host of us who wish to bring the ideas within you to life, in the pages, real or virtual, of a book. Do you have an idea what the subject and content of your book is? Do you plan to write about your own life – the interesting people you have encountered, the tough or amazing experiences you have lived through? Or perhaps you are aware of a need that others have0 like, How to Discern the Sex of Baby Chickens, or How To Cure Sneezes? Maybe you have the most amazing suspense novel in your mind, just waiting to be set out in book form… Or, like the vast majority of people who have casually mentioned that they intend to write a book, are you dreaming about rave reviews, a movie contract and a fortune?

Let’s make one thing clear from the start – there is very little prospect of you making a lot of money when you publish a book. It’s not impossible – you can see the successful authors on the ‘Best Sellers’ shelf at your local bookstore. However, the odds of becoming wealthy through publishing your book are about the same as getting wealthy by winning the Powerball. Yet, every year, hundreds of thousands of people write and publish books about every subject under the sun. Why do they do this? There are a variety of reasons, many of which will come to light as we explore the writing and publishing of a book in this exciting project, with you the readers.

Getting from early inspiration to the bookshelves of your readers is an involved but interesting journey. The adventure starts with the actual planning and writing of the book, moves through the complex business of publishing it and eventually, explores the many facets involved in selling the book. What, you may ask – publishing and selling – aren’t they very much the same thing? No, publishing and selling are not the same thing! This is one of the many great truths we shall discuss with you during the course of our journey together.

But, let’s not get ahead of the game. We must start, as with all worthy quests, at the beginning – writing the book. Before you can experience the exciting feel of the weight of your own book in your hand (or see it on the computer screen, in the event of you deciding to publish an e-book) you need to do the hard work that will earn you the title ‘author’. As you confront this challenging quest,

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