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A Magpie Mourning

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"It seems that all of us do live in a cage 'cept we can't see it. Sometimes we make it for ourselves and sometimes it's other people who does the job for us. Sometimes we're born with it. A cage can protect us from the world, but more often than not, it prevents us from living proper lives," said Fanny.
For Sarah it was the cage of duty when she finds herself looking after her father and brother following the death of her mother. For Polly it was the cage she made for herself because of her vanity. And for Robert; his cage was the silent world he had inhabited from the time of his birth.
Portraying Sussex life at the end of the nineteenth century, this is a story of conflicts within a family, of injustice, misunderstandings and hidden passions, distrust and disappointments, and how that family is perceived by the villagers based on half truths and gossip.

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