Serving Potential on a Plate

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Serving Potential on a Plate

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Childhood nutrition starts with complementary feeding (the introduction to solids) and should be viewed as an opportunity to manipulate life long eating habits and food preferences for optimal adult health. The prevention of childhood obesity is a responsibility that belongs to adults - the parents, caregivers, teachers, food service industry and healthcare professionals.

This nutr-e-book is written by a registered dietitian for education on the appropriate introduction of solid foods in effort to promote healthy eating from the very beginning. This manual explores the pros and cons of baby led weaning and traditional spoon feeding together with evidence based nutrition education

I believe that a child’s plate contributes greatly to their potential in both the growing years and adulthood. A child does not have the knowledge or desire to eat healthily. Teaching your child healthy eating behaviour deserves as much attention as any other behaviour you wish for your child to learn. Optimum nutrition is essential for optimum growth and development. Providing adequate nutrition for your child does not need to be complex. Every meal should simply be considered as a nutritional opportunity.

This nutr-e-book will guide you in the planning and preparation of your child’s meals, assisting you in the provision of meals with nutritional benefits for increased future potential. Recipes for weaning foods and toddler meals are included to demonstrate the use of this manual in the creation of meals packed with nutritional opportunity!

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