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Landing On My Feet

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Landing On My Feet

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At five years of age, Dan Propp became mesmerized by the world outside the windows of his parents’ rented waterfront suite in Gibsons Landing, British Columbia. Born at 9,000 feet elevation in Sucre, Bolivia he landed in Gibsons in 1950. In the calm, protected Pacific waters down by Armours Float, young Dan set out to explore his new surroundings. Landing on my Feet takes the reader on a leisurely stroll back in time where memories have been netted like ling cod, with tales of a coastal boyhood as captivating as fishing for shiners on the Pacific coast where Union Steamships landed at Government Pier after coming all the way from Vancouver. From the liquor store, only steps from the pier, to Mrs. Fisher’s Cafe that served the best apple pie in the world, the memories tumble from the pages. Smitty’s Marina, down by the dock, rented wooden rowboats for twenty-five cents an hour, and a “put-put” cost only a dollar. It was a great place to start off from with rented fishing gear and perfectly cut herring strip to try one’s luck for Coho or Spring salmon off Gospel Rock, Salmon Rock and Gower Point.
Born in Bolivia to German Jewish parents, Dan Propp has been a postcard photographer since high school and worked for the Richmond Review and the Surrey Leader before becoming a school teacher. An accordion player, singer and performer, he lives in historic Steveston, British Columbia, with his wife.

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