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A Lamp Unto My Feet:366 Bible Verses & Prayers: Tools for the Believer's Daily Renewal

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A Lamp Unto My Feet:366 Bible Verses & Prayers: Tools for the Believer's Daily Renewal

Lunghezza: 80 pagine30 minuti


366 Bible Verses & Prayers - Tools for the Believer’s Daily Renewal is a great companion you can use to renew and enrich your morning devotional. Not only you have the best and most popular Bible verses in one compact book, the prayer section alone is worth making this book your own. The prayer section contains great and inspirational prayers that will enable you to fellowship with God while talking to Him. You have prayers for the salvation of your loved ones, for your marriage, your family, grandchildren, your church, trials etc. Paul exhorted us to pray without ceasing (1Thess 5:17) and prayer is the highest form of intimacy with Him.

I find that prayer has changed my life in ways that I could never describe with mere words. Sometimes it is really hard to pray as if every fiber of your being is fighting it. And sometimes, you do not have the strength outwardly and inwardly, but because I have seen the power of prayer in my life and in the life of other Christians I know, because I know the God that I am praying is alive, I would try my best to get there. This does not mean you have to say a lot to God, because our High priest also knows what it means not having the strength to pray, but we do not have any excuses not to elevate our souls and spirit towards heaven and rest in the arms of the Almighty.

In fact, when I am void of all strength to pray, I KNOW with no doubt that prayer is what I need the most. So, when in my heart and soul I cannot find the word to talk to Him, I find my prayer books come to the rescue every time. Sometimes as I am using someone else words to help me get out of the “funk” I am in, amazingly, I find new strength, new understanding, needed convictions and new comfort for the day.

Prayers bring refresh intimacy with God. It is about cultivating our friendship with Him as we learn to communicate and spend time with our Lord and Father.

When I received the first copy of this little book, I realized it is not only beautiful, it is compact, big enough to take it with you daily and use it on your lunch hour, while using public transportation, in the waiting room of a hospital etc. Use your imagination, but please never stop praying!

Exalt Him! Worship Him! & Delight In Him!

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