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Feng Shui Numerology

Feng Shui Numerology

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Feng Shui Numerology

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Apr 17, 2013


Feng Shui numerology helps us in finding our four auspicious directions
according to our birth date. Each birth date has 4 good directions and 4 bad directions,
We need to use our good directions and avoid bad ones.

The 8 compass directions are
- South
- South West
- West
- North West
- North
- North East
- East
- South East

Four auspicious directions are Wealth , Health, Peace and Relationship.

Directions Description and Uses :
Wealth Direction: use this direction while asking for raise, negotiating deal, business meetings, marketing calls
Health Direction: Taking medicine, meeting doctor, medical tests
Peace Direction: While relaxing, meditation
Relationship Direction: Discussing with family members or co-workers, on date

How to use these auspicious directions
Face he appropriate directions ( wealth,health,peace and relationship) or any one of your good directions, you head must be towards your good direction or peace directions.
Let say that Male born on 12th December,1955 . From the table of chinese year from 1950 to 2024 for males his good directions are Wealth - East , Health - South East,. Peace - North and Relationship - South.
He must face sitting or standing east for all money matters, taking medicine he should sit or stand facing South East and so on.
This meted can be applied in hose , office or while outdoor. Wants good deal from salesman face your wealth direction and ask.
Chinese calendar from 1950 to 2024 birth dates for males and females are given separately. Direction charts are given separately for males and females.
All you need is birth date look at chinese calendar see your kua number and see direction chart as simple as that.
Use this wisdom for self , friends , family members, coworkers or even give professional service

This ebook is practical and self sufficient you don’t need anything else.

If your Birth date falls between
Feb 17,1950 and Feb 05,1951 or
Feb 08,1959 and Jan 27,1960 or
Jan 30,1968 and Feb 16,1969 or
Feb 18,1977 and Feb 06,1978 or
Feb 09,1986 and Jan 28,1987 or
Jan 31,1995 and Feb 18,1996 or
Jan 22,2004 and Feb 08,2005 or
Feb 10,2013 and Jan 30,2014

Then your auspicious directions, if you are
Wealth Northeast NE
Health West W
Relationship Northwest NW
Peace Southwest SW

Wealth Southeast SE
Health East E
Relationship South S
Peace North N

You should sit facing one of your good directions and while sleeping your head must face your good directions, and AVOID your Bad Directions.
Make business call or any important meeting facing one of your good directions.

Try for 21 days and see the result
J S Gaidu

Apr 17, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

I am graduate in Bachelor of Science in physics and mathematics from mumbai university India in 1978. I have worked as a Computer Consultant for fifteen years. I began my studies in Feng Shui , Tarot cards , I ching in 1985. I am Feng Shui consultant , tarot Card reader from last 12 Years. I live with my wife and two sons in New Panvel area Navi Mumbai India.

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Feng Shui Numerology - Jaspal Singh Gaidu

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