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Memoirs of a Recovering Teacher

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Every once in a great while, a book comes along that provides a unique glimpse of what actually happens behind the scenes in some occupation or profession. "Memoirs Of A Recovering Teacher" is such a book.

"Memoirs Of A Recovering Teacher" consists of about one hundred stories about students, teachers, and administrators that are oft en revealing, humorous, absurd, or downright crazy. And, the truth is – all of these stories are true! They are based on the author’s own actions and observations of others during his thirty-eight year teaching career – four years at a high school and thirty-four years at a community college.

If you were ever a student, teacher, or administrator at some point in your life, you will most likely find a connection to many of these stories. Hey, maybe some of them are even about you or someone you know. So, grab a chair and put your feet up - today’s lesson is about to begin.

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