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'Blow the whistle', even internally, and you become a pariah in your organisation, to your bosses and, hardest of all, to your colleagues. It is a very difficult road to travel within the corporate world. It is a very lonely road.
What follows is reprisals, being ostracised or 'mobbing', the term for group bullying, and retribution on a major scale. Add suspension, rigged inquiries, attempts at instant dismissal and, sometimes, the more subtle but destructive approach, bullying, until you are broken and either resign or crack-up.

Being bullied at work affects up to 60% of employees at one time or another throughout their careers, resulting in devastating consequences for victims and families when the bullying reaches serious levels. Annika's story, based on real life case histories, and her journey in attempting to salvage her self esteem and confidence, will give valuable insight, help and practical advice to any person suffering office bullying and mobbing. Having blown the whistle, internally, on some dodgy banking practices, Annika feels the daily wrath of her boss and colleagues and finally decides she needs serious help and advice when she collapses under the strains of persistent intimidation and exclusion.

Enter HR coach and consultant Ed Yeo who begins working with Annika on rebuilding her self confidence and supporting her in her efforts to salvage her career and her life. Yeo's approach is to confront the whistle blower's situation, the bullying and intimidation, by fighting the REPRISALS,RETALIATING and ultimately getting REVENGE through using the power of assertiveness and making full use of potentially damaging materials - fighting fire with fire.

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