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The Eyes Have It

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The Eyes Have It

Valutazione: 4 stelle su 54/5 (2 recensioni)
Lunghezza: 275 pagine4 ore


Did you grow up in a nice Christian family...a safe haven where everyone believes the same thing, that heaven and hell are real, and all ultimately dream of an eternal life with God?

Not so for Allison Tate. Instead of a dream, her life was a nightmare.

Born late in life to wealthy, elitist parents, Allison was paraded around like a dressed-up China doll, but never loved for herself.

The only affection she received during her formative years was from her nanny, Hannah, who unfortunately died while Allison was still in her teens, leaving her alone and at the mercy of her ruthless parents.

Allison's parents had her whole life arranged for her, including a loveless marriage, but Allison had other ideas.

Determined to avoid being tied to a man she didn't love, she devotes all of her time and energy to obtaining a teaching degree which would allow her to strike out on her own, no longer under her parents' thumb, but somewhere along the way she met a sweet lady who restored her faith in God and introduced her to the love of her life.

Allison's parents were furious and would have found a way to financially hurt or even ruin the man she loved as well as Allison's best friend, except for the intervention of a kind, elderly couple.

With her parents on a leash, Allison relaxed and began enjoying life for the first time, but there was another menace on her horizon, which threatened her very existence, and the man her parents had chosen to be her husband was the only one in a position to save her.

Book 1 in the Dear Diary...Series by L. M. Reed

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