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30 Mouthwatering Cake & Cookie Traditional Recipes

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30 Mouthwatering Cake & Cookie Traditional Recipes

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Sometimes it can seem that modern recipes are boring and very similar. Recipes
are not all the same; these traditional recipes are certainly not boring.
These are recipes that have been used in many cases for 100 years or more. Easy
to cook and delightfully tasting recipes that no one will be disappointed with.
Well, not unless they do not like gorgeous cakes, cookies and pastries.

The truth is in the eating so get a copy now and discover for
yourself how good food used to taste.

All recipes have ingredients in units for the US, UK and
metric. Also Fahrenheit and Celsius oven temperatures, together with gas
numbers are covered. So no conversions
are needed. Whatever country the book is used in there will be no issues.

A fully linked index is provided of course. And uniquely the
author provides support for anyone wishing to contact her, with any issues with


Almond Biscuits/Cookies, American Biscuits, Bakewell Tart

Boiled Cake, Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Fudge, Christmas Pudding, Creamy Fudge

Drop Scones, Eccles Pudding, Edinburgh Shortcake

Ginger Biscuits, Ginger Bread, Ginger Cake

Golden Barley Cake, Low Fat Sponge Cake, Marble Cake

Milk Rolls, Mixed Peel Cake-lets, Marshmallow

Pie Pastry, Plain Toffee, Quaker Oats Biscuits

Raspberry Buns, Rhubarb Tart, Rich fruit Cake

Scones Without the fruit, Spiced Apple Fritter, Sponge Cake

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