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Shattered (Shattered Hearts Series)

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Shattered (Shattered Hearts Series)

Lunghezza: 252 pagine4 ore



I’m broken.
Damaged goods, if you will.
I’ve tried to escape my past, but it leaves me exhausted—wanting to end it all, because there’s nothing left for me.
Until him.
Until he comes home and sparks something inside of me I thought had been ripped away from me.
He’s my best friend’s brother, and there’s a line we shouldn’t cross, no matter how much his touch heals my broken parts.


I was finally home, hoping to escape the guilt and nightmares that clung to my skin—but one look in her sad brown eyes tells me the ghosts of my failures aren’t as far away as I hoped.
She’s the one thing my messed-up mind clings to, and I know I shouldn’t cross that line with her, but the solace I find in her arms is too tempting to resist.

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