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How to Effectively Market and Manage a Dental Practice

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How to Effectively Market and Manage a Dental Practice

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“A Health Service dentist who refused to go private killed herself after the pressure of her workload became unbearable, an inquest has been told

Twelve months earlier she had been forced to leave her post at the family dental practice after a lengthy, stress-related illness“...Mail Online

Dear Friend,

Onerchase product from my dentist. Instead of offering me what I asked for, he tried to sell me a cheaper version of the product because he felt I could not afford the expensive version.

My dentist has no idea about my ability to pay for his services because he does not know anything about his patients.

If he took the time to find out who I am, how I got to know about his practice and why I live millions of miles from him yet I visit his practice, he will not be advising me to buy generic version.

Besides, it is fascinating to me that a business person will be pushing the cheaper version of its products instead of encouraging its customers to buy the deluxe version.

So why is it that my dentist decided to sell me the generic version of his treatment without first offering me the deluxe version?

The answers to these and many other questions are in How To Effectively Market And Manage A Dental Practice.

Most entrepreneur dentists consider themselves first and foremost dental professionals. Like all medical professions, dentistry is a calling. The reality is most of you dentist did not go into the dental profession to get rich.

You went into dentistry because you honestly want to help people, which is very laudable. However, as laudable as that might seem, dentistry is a business.

And in business: no margin no mission.

There is a difference between the profession of dentistry: extracting teeth or making your patient smile and the business of dentistry:

- Operation: the deliverables – teeth abstraction etc.
- Marketing: attracting and retaining patients
- Finance: those all important numbers

Success in the profession of dentistry only requires a dental degree. Success in the business of dentistry requires a completely different skill set from the one you acquired in medical school.

Success as a dental employee working for your university buddy requires you to be a really great dentist.

Success as an entrepreneur dentist on the other hand demands a completely different approach to your career progression.

This approach is what you will learn in How To Effectively Market And Manage A Dental Practice.

There are known and reliable principles for dental practice business growth that, when deployed properly in a practical way, can attract truckload of potential patients to your dental practice.

That principle is the focus How To Effectively Market and Manage A Dental Practice.

Your will learn:

The Dental Practice Business Growth Process

The three step dental practice business growth process:

- Attracting new patients
- Increasing the volume per transaction
- Increasing the frequency with which those patients buy from you

The Patient Attraction Process

The three step effective patient attraction process:

- Crafting an effective marketing message
- Identifying the right target market
- Selecting the right media through which to channel your marketing message

What You Must Know About Your Dental Practice Marketing

The ultimate key to dental practice marketing is:

- Psychology
- Mathematics

This book comes with 100% money back guarantee. If after reading it you feel that the information was unhelpful, just request a refund and you will be refunded 100% of your money no questions asked.

Your friend


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