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Triathlon for Women: Everything you need to know to get started and succeed

Triathlon for Women: Everything you need to know to get started and succeed

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Triathlon for Women: Everything you need to know to get started and succeed

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Feb 3, 2013


Triathlon for women is dedicated to all women who are either thinking of getting into triathlons or have done a number of races and want to improve. Written by a female athlete who has been a triathlon champion this comprehensive book covers all you need to know from start to finish. In this book you will learn tones of great information from start to finish including..

•Understand the sport of triathlon “what is triathlon and how does it work?”
•Developing a training plan which simplifies your season and your life
•Train effectively so you minimise the risk of getting injured and maximise your time
•Stop you making the mistakes which cost a lot of time and money
•Make you feel confident when you are on the start line
•Decide what race length is best for you from sprint to Ironman
•Buy the right triathlon kit to suit your ability and your aspirations
•Bike maintenance and other useful specific tips and tools

A personal note from the author:

“When I started racing I was really scared and did not know what I was doing. I did my first race because a friend entered me into it! After that race I was hooked and trained using the information I have put into this book and won many races. I wish I had this information when I started and was racing as it would have helped me so much, which is why I decided to write it down for all women who want to get to grips with the sport or take time off their PB’s”

"Triathlon for Women” is the start to finish complete guide which covers all the areas of training and racing including:

•Where to start – types of races, what you need to know and where to begin
•Jargon buster – helping you understand the terms of the sport so you can understand what people are talking about when they say “T1” or “Brick”!
•Training rules and techniques
•Swimming technique and etiquette
•Running technique and how to prevent injury and run faster
•Cycling in a pack what to do and what not to do
•Transition – how to lay it out, what to bring and how to be effective
•Understanding nutrition and why it is key, how best to manage your nutrition and what is best to eat for triathlon training and racing
•Race day – what to look out for, how to prepare and what to expect

This guide takes you from start to finish so you can feel confident and comfortable when you train and race. Here are some of the comments we have had from readers...

I loved this book!

I have completed in quite a few triathlons, sprint and Olympic distance. This
book really simplified what is important to focus on. There is so much to know and learn that sometimes you feel overwhelmed. It is an easy, entertaining read but packed with good knowledge that made a big difference to my racing.

Emma Sawyers, World Games triathlon gold medallist

Feb 3, 2013

Informazioni sull'autore

Charlotte Campbell is a young writer who lives in the Southern part of the United States with her cat. She enjoys traveling, amateur photography, and watching Korean soap operas.

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  • Think about bringing it back with all the forearm and hands, not just the hands. Make it as large a surface area as possible. Also think about pulling your body forward over your hand rather than pulling your hand back towards you.

  • If your head is raised, your feet and legs will drop, and it will feel like a dead weight is being dragged behind you. Keep your head down and your legs will pop up.

  • Instead, always imagine you are swimming downhill and look down at the bottom of the pool. Imagine leading with the top of your head, not your forehead.

  • Warm up for 10 minutes, then run a 30 minute time trial. Your average heart rate for the last 20 minutes is your lactate threshold.

  • Bring your arm back under you with a bent elbow. This is a much stronger position than with a straight arm.

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Triathlon for Women - Charlotte Campbell



Copyright 2012 by Triathlon Success

Published by Charlotte Campbell

Smashwords Edition

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any other means, electronic, photocopy or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publisher.

This book is for your personal enjoyment and education only. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you are reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchase exclusively for you please return to and purchase your own copy.

Please respect the hard work of the author.

Before embarking on any strenuous exercise program including the training described in this book everyone should consult their physician for clearance.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction. Why you need to read this book

So why write a book just for women?

Are there women only events?

Training Journal

Potential Obstacles

Chapter 2: What is triathlon?

A little history


Where do I start?

Triathlon: Is it for super fitness freaks?


Training- where do I start?

Chapter 3: Bike Maintenance

Chapter 4: Winning Nutrition for Women


Why female athletes need to include fat in their diet

Iron needs for female triathletes

More Advanced Nutrition

What about protein?

Nutrition periodization

Chapter 5: Strength Training for The Girls!

Starting out

Leg Strength Exercises

Back strengthening

Chapter 6: Swimming for Triathlon

Open water starts

Swim technique basics

Reduce Drag

Good body position

Recovery Stroke




Race Day

Pool swim race etiquette

Chapter 7: Girls on Two Wheels

Do you need to buy a female specific bike?

Bike shoes

Cycling gloves

Bike Technique

Bike safety

Group riding

Interval Training On The Bike

Chapter 8: Unlock the Secrets to Successful Running

Where to start?


Strong gluteal muscles

Shoes and laces

Pacing yourself

Running faster

Female issues

Things to Remember

Running Drills

Chapter 9: Get Tough!

Being nervous

Chapter 10: Transitioning Like a Pro

Practice your plan

Bike shoes in pedals

Chapter 11: The 5 Most Common Triathlon Injuries

Signs of Overtraining

Chapter 12: Putting It All Together Easily

Five main stages of training

Base Training

Build phase

Peak Phase

Racing Phase

Recovery Phase

Training Zones


Off Season

Handy Race Day Check List

Other Essentials You Might Not Have Thought Of

The Rules Of Racing

Training Principles Summary

Be Yourself, Find Yourself and Be True to Yourself

Chapter 1: Introduction.

Why you need to read this book

Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports for women. It is an amazing event offering new challenges, well rounded fitness and a great feeling of accomplishment when you cross the finish line. In fact, it is an ideal sport for women as it does not require large amounts of strength, aggression or testosterone. You can do it at your own pace. There are distances to suit everyone and you can achieve all your goals, whether they are weight loss, fitness, gaining a new social circle, increasing self esteem or simply just feeling great, looking good and having fun!

Some of you may have thought about triathlon in the past but had thoughts which may sound a little like these...

There is too much to learn

There is too much to buy

There is too much to get to grips with

All of these thoughts are perfectly natural but as you will see from this book, nothing is further from the truth! You can start now, with minimal fitness, without great expense and without a ton of technical knowledge. This book will help you dispel all these fears and get you moving in the right direction. Anything else you need to know, I will tell you in this book.

By the way I know this because I have been where you are. I have been at the stage of thinking about it for years and never feeling I was quite good enough or fit enough to enter a triathlon. I was generally fit, but the thought of entering a triathlon was a massive step. It was too easy to put it off, and think next year I will do one, but next year came and went.

Eventually a friend just entered me into one and told me I had three months to get ready. Of course I pretended to be annoyed but I guess deep down I was secretly pleased because maybe I never would have got around to it. Anyway with the focus of the race approaching, I was suddenly motivated, and spurred on.  At the time there were no books at the standard I needed. There were a few highly technical books for advanced athletes doing ironman but that sort of knowledge was way above my head and quite frankly, too intimidating. I was scared enough already that I did not have the right bike and the right wetsuit.

Inevitably on race day I was nervous and did not feel ready. The usual thoughts kept popping into my head: Maybe I can just turn around and go home, If only I had another month to train. I managed to banish these thoughts and I did the race. I enjoyed it. No, it was more than that. I loved it! I loved every minute. It was hard at times and I was glad when the finish line came but I had a ball...and I was really proud of myself.

In fact over the next few years I was hooked! I invested in the proper gear, read loads of books on training, did lots of training and entered several races, some of which I won!

Anyway the point is anyone can do this. This book is designed to help women from raw beginners, but also women who maybe have a done a few races but feel they would like to go to the next level and make their training a little more scientific. That is what is great about this sport. There is always more to learn, always more to improve on, and it is never boring.

You are at the start of a great new adventure and you do not know where it will lead. Certainly it will lead to better fitness, new friends, greater self confidence and improved health. This book is designed to talk to you as a friend. A few of the books I have come across aimed at women are very patronising and so basic that they do not really add much value at all. Hopefully you will find this book easy to understand but also packed with detail, practical tips, ideas for drills and covering a whole range of topics which you need to learn in order to improve like the mental side of racing, nutrition, racing rules and regulations, the kit you need, how to prepare for each discipline and much, much more.

You can absolutely complete a triathlon. Age, fitness, job or skin colour are all irrelevant. There is no barrier to entry and you will find triathlon is a really great world full of supportive people eager to help newcomers.

Of course you will have questions, be nervous and perhaps overwhelmed but this is natural in any new endeavour- sport or otherwise!

Best of all, I can take you through it step by step because I have taken the same journey! I never thought I was fit enough. I was averagely fit at school and joined in most sports at school level. When I left university and started working I got busy and did less and less sport like most of us I suspect. Anyway, as you know, my friend entered me in my first race which was to be in about 3 months- so I had a little time to train. I had no special knowledge, no special kit, and a very old rickety bicycle. I did not win that race for sure- but I really enjoyed it and felt really proud of myself.

From there I made the decision to do more. I bought a decent bike, bought a few books on how to train and how to race properly and went from there. I even won several events which was great fun. But most of all the camaraderie and the people I met along the way is what kept me going. I simply love it and urge you to start no matter what level you are at.

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