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Sundays on Squire's Isle

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Sundays on Squire's Isle

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This is Squire's Isle, Washington.

A small, mostly unremarkable island in the Pacific Northwest where same-sex couples don't have to face secrecy or discrimination and are allowed to be together openly. "Sundays on Squire's Isle" focuses on the most prominent couples on the island for one day each month, providing a snapshot of the island over the course of a year.

* Nadine Butler and Miranda Powell, the disc jockey who started the equality revolution with a very public and inadvertent outing and the manager of her radio station.
* Kate Price and Amy Wellis, a reporter and the owner of the island's most popular coffeeshop, whose relationship with Nicole Bronwyn will grow into something much more special over the course of the year.
* Molly Page and Shane Sanborn, chefs at the island's favorite eatery, who may decide to take their relationship to the next level.
* Alex Crawford and Rachel Tom, a firefighter and a doctor who moved to the island after a harrowing ordeal and found peace in a slower pace of life.
* Jill and Patricia Hood-Colby, the fifth-grade teacher and her wife, who embarks on a possibly foolish campaign to unseat a legacy and become the island's first openly-gay mayor while dealing with the blooming of their son's first romance.

By the end of the year, lives will be changed and romances will evolve, and the citizens of Squire's Isle will discover that sometimes big changes don't happen with fanfare. Sometimes lives can be changed during the course of a quiet Sunday afternoon.

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