Built to Conquer

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Built to Conquer

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Your step by step total body transformation Guide and six pack abs boot camp by Hollywood Elite Trainer and Military Veteran, Max "The Body" Philisaire. Sculpt your body into a work of art and achieve the body of your dreams. Get guidance and motivation from his real life success story. Follow his results-driven, high performance training techniques, personalized nutrition and exercise plans.

Max will motivate permanent change in your life whether you're goal is to lose weight or gain lean muscle. Activate your inner motivation to change your mind and body not just for a season but for the rest of your life.

In Built to Conquer, you'll learn how Max achieved his fitness goals, conquered and overcame his obstacles and how you can also turn your body into a work of art. With an effective nutrition plan and strength training program your dream will become a reality.

Built to Conquer will help people that struggled with motivation, exercise and diet all their lives to achieve life changing results and join Hollywood Body Club. Start your journey today, with Built to Conquer.

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