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Conquer Your Inner Critic

Conquer Your Inner Critic

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Conquer Your Inner Critic

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Nov 2, 2012


When you hear putdowns like “You’re not good enough” or “You’ll fail,” it’s difficult to imagine that your inner critic has been slaving away, nonstop, for most of your life . . . with your best interests in mind. What? Your inner critic is misguided, but its intentions are so pure and positive that most people eventually tear up with gratitude once they fully understand this puzzled part of themselves.

You gave birth to your inner critic in early childhood. You very cleverly (but unconsciously) designed it as a protective shield to avoid adult disapproval. Your inner guardian held you back with messages like, “You aren’t powerful enough to do what you want.” Children have many limitations. Even though you’ve grown up, your confused, strong-willed inner critic has no understanding of your true capabilities.

Today, your negative voice continues to hold you back with a barrage of dis-empowering comments and emotions, from shame and anxiety to self-sabotage. Until you re-educate this extremely powerful part of yourself, your internal censor will continue its struggle to protect you from harm, disappointment, disapproval and failure by putting you down and making you feel unworthy, helpless, fatigued, possibly even depressed. Your inner critic needs a new job description and a new software program.

Readers are relieved when they discover their inner critic is not really their enemy. They are amazed to learn that the more we try to banish our inner critics, the stronger they become. Readers gain freedom when they discover that our inner critics want to help us and they were originally designed to keep us out of trouble. It’s very empowering to learn that you can transmute what you originally created.

After you explore the myths about your inner critic and you comprehend its potentially positive power, you can easily and rapidly transform your internal censor into a loving, supportive internal coach. You’ll love becoming the strong, confident person you’ve always been destined to become.

With a new job description, your inner critic will deliver gift after gift to you.
• You’ll discover your hidden strengths, so you’ll be confident being Your Authentic Self.
• You’ll be motivated by intelligent optimism, productive insights and an intuitive edge.
• You’ll feel immune to unfair criticism by other people.
• Inner peace will soothe you, including when you face new challenges.
• You’ll radiate confidence when you promote your abilities and accomplishments.
• Your new level of courage will help you gain the recognition, respect and appreciation you deserve.
• Taking intelligent risks will become a joyful, spontaneous process instead of creating anxiety.
• You’ll thrive when you enjoy rewarding relationships in which your needs are met.

Are you ready to give your inner critic a new job description?

The innovative, freedom-producing approach you’re about to benefit from emerged from years of work with hundreds of coaching clients who were facing the same challenges you’re struggling with. Like you, they were haunted by critical self-talk. Negative comments from the external world mirrored the putdowns of their inner critic. Many of these clients struggled to please other people instead of being their Authentic Self. Self-promotion was difficult when they were anxious or their confidence waned. It was often frightening to take a healthy risk.

Are you ready to calm the crippling voice of your inner critic? Take advantage of a proven program tested by hundreds of Dr. Doris’ clients before she was interviewed on CNN, The Today Show and NPR. You’ll gain special value from the illustrations and the workbook that are part of the book.

Nov 2, 2012

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Conquer Your Inner Critic - Shimoda Publishing


Pre and Post-Test


Which of the following personal or professional challenges are yours?

1. My self-talk is often self-critical. (T/F)

2. I wish it was easier to promote myself, my accomplishments and my abilities. (T/F)

3. Sometimes I can't focus clearly because I'm so worried about what other people will think. (T/F)

4. Sometimes I'm afraid to take a risk even though I know it would probably lead to a better life. (T/F)

5. Sometimes I say Yes when I want to say No or Not now because I want to avoid criticism. (T/F)

6. Sometimes I do too much for other people. I do things they should do for themselves because I want them to value me. (T/F)

7. Sometimes when people compliment me, I think, They don't really mean it or If they really knew me, they wouldn't say that. When the compliment comes from a friend, I may think, They're just trying to make me feel better. Within a work environment, I sometimes think, They're trying to manipulate me or They want something from me. (T/F)

8. When I want to achieve a new goal, I often hear an inner voice criticizing me with putdowns like, You won't succeed, You don't know enough, or You're not good enough. (T/F)

9. I want to feel calm and secure when I present my ideas and plans but my inner critic often sabotages my confidence. (T/F)

10. I want to truly enjoy socializing and networking but sometimes I feel uncomfortable or doubt myself. When this happens, I struggle to fit in or I go along to get along instead of creating the meaningful connections I need and want. This is frustrating and can be exhausting. (T/F)

11. I dread public speaking. I want to feel more confident selling myself and making presentations. I want to gain, instead of drain, energy when I speak out. I also want to do this on my own terms, after I've had time to absorb and reflect on information. I want my inner critic to shut up. I don't want to feel pressured to immediately blurt out pearls of wisdom just because I've been asked a question. (T/F)

12. I want the quality of my work to be recognized, respected, appreciated, and rewarded. Sometimes my inner critic warns me, "You're not that good or You'll look foolish." (T/F)

13. My inner critic suppresses my creativity. (T/F)

14. Deep down inside, I may be a courageous person, but my inner critic zaps my courage to change. (T/F)

15. I often try to please people instead of expressing my true opinions or being My Authentic Self. (T/F)

16. When someone makes a critical comment, instead of taking time to reflect on the accuracy of what they say, I assume the criticism is valid and feel bad about myself. (T/F)

17. I sometimes assume people are being critical of me and later I discover they weren’t. (T/F)

18. I want to control unnecessary interruptions that zap my focus and productivity but my inner critic says, Don't! People will think you're being rude or anti-social. (T/F)

19. I want to reduce overwhelm and stress when I'm working. I want to ask for what I need without feeling vulnerable and exposed. I want to get my needs met without having to schmooze, play political games, or struggle to change my personality. (T/F)

20. I could be and do more if I could stop the voice inside of me that makes me feel inferior by comparing me unfavorably with other people. (T/F)

21. Sometimes I want to try something new but I hold myself back because I fear looking foolish or making a mistake. (T/F)

22. When I think I just did something really good! my inner critic often reminds me, You could have done better. (T/F)

23. Sometimes I'm intimidated by people I think are more confident than I am. (T/F)

24. I want to prevent conflicts and easily resolve disagreements. I want to deal with criticism in a comfortable, carefree way, even when someone's critique is unfair. (T/F)

25. I want to fully develop my receiving muscles so I can receive the supportive relationships and income I deserve. I'm ready to tame my inner critic and gain inner peace now. (T/F)


How many times did you mark True?

Please use the chart below as an indicator of how much you'll gain when you use this proven Conquer Your Inner Critic Now program.

1-5 True’s

Congratulations! You've done a wonderful job of making friends with your inner critic. Now it's helping you instead of holding you back.

6-14 True’s

You have some tools for managing your inner critic but you often suffer from the assaults of a crippling inner voice that puts you down and creates feelings of insecurity. The proven Conquer Your Inner Critic Now program will help you let go of unnecessary anxiety and stress so you can meet your full potential.

15-25 True’s

Your inner critic has a strong negative voice that is creating unnecessary worry. Sometimes you self-sabotage. Your inner critic is suppressing your ability to enjoy the level of happiness, confidence and success you want. Use the tips in this program to blast through your inner blocks to complete confidence.

When you've completed this program, take this test again.

You'll enjoy noticing the rapid progress you've made.







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