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Old School Bodybuilding: Training With the Legends

Old School Bodybuilding: Training With the Legends

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Old School Bodybuilding: Training With the Legends

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Oct 26, 2012


Old School Bodybuilding, is about the great legends that started it all. A comprehensive history from Eugene Sandow to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger and many others. Trace the evolution of bodybuilding as we know it today and learn the history of some of the greatest bodybuilders the world has ever seen. It will take you back to the golden years of bodybuilding when it was in its most simple form, as it was intended to be. Discover their training habits, favorite routines and diets that helped them achieve some of the greatest physiques of all time.

Most importantly, this book documents their greatest achievements and what it took toachieve superior physiques at a time before anabolic drugs were in existence.

With over 30 great legends listed in this book, you will learn and appreciate the dedication, hard work and persistence in depicting the American Bodybuilder from the 1800's to the late 1990's.

Learn some of their training routines, methods, and diet plans that have never before been exposed. You will also find detailed information about their training habits, favorite body parts, types of diet they followed and how it all started for them. Share some of their secrets in training methods, dietary plans and learn techniques to meet your bodybuilding goals.

Old school bodybuilding workouts are what the new generation attempts to keep reinventing. Some of the world's greatest bodybuilding legends got their physiques from these old school workouts. From the late 1800's, and in each decade after that, exercises and routines are listed for you to apply. Learn how many of the great champions achieved their magnificent physiques. You will see how the supplement industry got started and how steroids were introduced in this country, and how it affected the bodybuilding community. Learn how dietary trends emerged and were incorporated into trends that are around today. Sample dietary menu's are listed along with training techniques and how they evolved through the years.

If you're a fan of the classic physiques of the golden era of bodybuilding, then this book will serve you well in discovering the training habits, exercise routines, and dietary plans of some of your favorite great legends. This book focus's on the history of bodybuilding, great iconic legends, dietary trends, training techniques, and how it can serve you to better understand bodybuilding today. Old school versus new school of bodybuilding is one of the most controversial and popular subjects discussed today. So begin learning and discover for yourself how it all began and judge for yourself.

His best selling books are: How to build muscle in your advanced years, The ultimate guide to enhancing your sex life for men & women, and The everyday guy's guide to getting and having great sex.

Oct 26, 2012

Informazioni sull'autore

Biography Tony Xhudo was born in Albania May 14,1957. He spent his early childhood years in a refugee camp and immigrated to America March 2, 1962 with his family of 10. He grew up in the New York/New Jersey area during most of his teen and adult life. Which led him to join the U.S. Military in 1976 to 1982, Finishing his high school in the Armed Forces, Tony had a calling to become a Holistic Health Practitioner. He entered the "Clayton College of Natural Health", where he attained his Bachelor's and earned his Master's in 1996. He is Board Certified by the (A.A.D.P) "The American Association of Drugless Practitioners". He has studied Natural Medicine & Sports Nutrition for over 20 years, and has had a burning desire to help heal those with affliction's and disease.He has also helped and trained many career minded athletes,collegiate & professional in attaining their personal sports oriented goals, in which many today are excelling at. He is relentless in his research,and pursuit in helping those stricken with illness & disease. He has also helped many to become happy and well once again,as he feels that guess work was not an option when it came to someone's health and well-being in seeking relief from their affliction. Tony has given private lectures to schools,health oriented establishments and consultations to many on a public and private level. He wants nothing more than to share his knowledge through book writing and help as many as he can. He feels that is why "God" put him on this earth to do! You will enjoy reading several of his books that are out in print, on many health related issues, sports nutrition, disease manifestation, anti-aging, and bodybuilding. As he speaks from the heart,He is passionate in his beliefs about heath & general well-being,and has helped many people lecturing on natural medicine, where modern Allopathic Medicine did not.His passion is to educate and inform many of those that have been ill and unhappy with their current health status.In the health society today, it is often said that the people who truly care about the health of others "make for the best practitioners".

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Old School Bodybuilding - Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N.

The Anabolic Edge to Superior Muscle Mass

By Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N.

Board Certified by A.A.D.P.

The Anabolic Edge to Superior Muscle Mass

By Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N., Board Certified by A. A. D. P.

Published by Dawn Xhudo

Copyright 2012 Dawn Xhudo

Smashwords Edition


This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This e-book may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return it and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author


DISCLAIMER: This information was gathered from sources including textbooks, and  reports. Neither the author nor publisher assumes any liability for the information presented in this text. This book is not intended to provide medical advice. The purpose of this reference book is only to provide a compendium of information for the reader, for entertainment purposes only. Readers should consult with appropriate medical authorities before using any related products and the proper legal authorities if unsure of the status of substances described herein.


I would like to thank my wife Dawn Xhudo, for her help in helping me put this book together spending many days and nights on the lay outs of pages and cover and formatting my book. Thank You Hunny, I love You!!

All this while keeping two jobs going along with the household duties. This book would definitely not be here if it wasn't for her time and dedication in my belief's. Also I would like to thank my son, AJ who was posted on the cover of my last book The Secret To Gaining Mass Muscle Made Easy that I’ve trained and groomed since he was 8 years old, and my older son Edward Defrese who is posted on the cover of this book for letting me train him and absorbing my 30 years of advice on health & fitness. Thank you both for being there for pop I love you both.

Tony Xhudo M.S., H.N. Also the Author Of:

How to Build Muscle in Your Advanced Years

The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Sex Life

The Everyday Guy's Guide to getting & having More Sex

Smart Nutrients for Smart Babies

The Secrets of Gaining Mass Muscle Made Easy

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Old School Bodybuilding: Training With the Legends

Ergogenic Aids For Bodybuilding

The Woman's Guide to Burning Fat & Building Muscle

How to Build Muscle the No Nonsense Way

Aphrodisiacs: Proven Sex Boosters That Work

Coming Soon:

How to Spot Early Drug Abuse in Teens: Get Your Teen Back From Drug Addiction

Tony Also is the Author of:

 Muscle Health & Fitness Blog:

Gaining Mass Muscle:


1.                    Anabolic Edge To Superior Muscle Mass Made Easy

2.                   The Primer On Protein & Protein Powders

3.                   Expert Guide On Protein Supplements

4.                  How To Choose The Right Protein

5.                   Popular Protein Supplement Brands

6.                   Carbohydrates

7.                   Creatine

8.                   Essential Fatty Acids

9.                   Branch Chain Amino Acids(BCAA)

10.                Herbal & Ergogenic Hormonal Boosters

11.                 Overtraining and Cortisol:How it Affects Muscle Growth

12.                Enhancing Testosterone & GH/IgF-1 Through Ergogenics

13.                Maximizing Insulin Release For a Potent Anabolic Affect

14.               Estrogen Reduction: Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

15.                Basic Mass Producing Exercises That Build Muscle

16.                Building Muscle: With Nitric Oxide

17.                Putting it All Together;Turning on The Anabolic Switch



Every year more Americans from high school to college, and the general population in this country look for ways to increase their muscle capacity to a championship size physique, or just to attaining that beach body look. With so many available sports nutritional supplements out on the market today, It's no wonder that many of us simply go through the trial and error process on finding out what works and what doesn't,and literally spending a fortune to no avail.

The sports supplement market, as I’m sure you already know can become quite complex, just enter a health food store and see for yourself the amount of supplements scattered on the shelves, it can become quite confusing, and so we become dependent on the store clerk for the information on what do we need to supply our body with what works and what doesn't. The store clerk basically relies on what products are selling fast and whats popular,so he or she couldn't actually give you the right answer,unless they actually are well versed on nutritional supplementation, But how often is that the case?

I myself through the years as a personal trainer and holistic health practitioner have gone through that route many years ago when bodybuilding supplements weren’t that complex. In my beginning years there wasn't the amount of ergogenic aids as you have today. Back then in the 70's there were your basic protein powders that never actually tasted as good as the ones we have today, or they weren't as high tech as they are now. The shelves back then had your basic amino acids, BCAA's, glutamine, liver tabs, basic GH releasers, essential fatty acids, etc.

Now we have whey isolates,hydrolyzed whey peptides,ion-exchanged, micellar casein, soy isolates, and as you can see the list goes on and on. It wasn't that long ago when creatine came out and being hyped as the next big thing to natural steroids. Then they introduced all different versions of creatine, because of its popularity they made it even more complex with, micronized creatine, creatine ester's, alkalyn creatine powders, high tech glutamine powders,protein powders fortified with colostrum, essential fatty acids, and growth factors, the list goes on and on, in which we will break down in each of their own specific categories for all muscle building growth and purposes.

The sports supplement market has been growing by leaps and bounds, and with so many companies entering the market of sports supplementation, it's even more complex now than it ever was. There is a lot of money to be made in this field, and the market just keeps growing every year, it is estimated to be in the billions. With this, it is also to be expected, some of these companies will put out an inferior product containing small amounts of the main component their advertising, just because it's a popular product and sells fast. You have to know what company stays a head of the pack and is noted for their high quality.

Its also been noted that in the past that some of the popular sports supplements were masked or laced with actual testosterone making the product a big hit. Some will resort to low tactic's just for the mere sales end of it, that's is why its important to stick with reputable brands of products. This book specifically focus on the market of sports supplements that work and the reputable organizations that put them out. In my time involved with natural healing and sports supplementation, I have come

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  • (4/5)
    everything is amazing to read and see s ds
  • (3/5)
    The title says "Old School bodybuilding".. it has almost nothing to do with it.
    In this book the author is explaining mostly supplements. It is useful in a way and he gave some good explanations but this book lacks a lot.
    It is probably written in a hurry because there are some paragraphs repeating themselves which shows me that it's a cheap book. And of course the title is irrelevant.
    I can recommend it for the explanation of the supplements but otherwise it's a waste of time!