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HaterNation: How Incivility & Racism Are Dividing Us

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HaterNation: How Incivility & Racism Are Dividing Us

Lunghezza: 93 pagine1 ora


HaterNation: How Incivility & Racism Have Divided Us is an anthology of insightful, provocative and thoughtful essays compiled by veteran journalists, author and educator Neil Foote. He has contributions from some of the nation's top journalists and thought leaders who discuss how incivility has become far too commonplace in America, fueling hate and racist acts that are unbecoming of a nation that touts itself as a world leader in civil rights. The writers address a wide range of topics, including how the highly anticipated "post racial" America due to the election of President Barack Obama as the nation's first African-American president quickly turned to an attack on his personal character. Other essays discuss the hugely symbolic role of First Lady Michelle Obama, the state of black women, the future of affirmative action, voter suppression and black-on-black hate. This book is designed to fuel a national dialogue about how we need to do what the late Rodney King asked the nation to do shortly after the Watts Riots 20 years ago: "Can't we all get along?"

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