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The Einsatzgruppen

The Einsatzgruppen

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The Einsatzgruppen

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Oct 21, 2012


They murdered more than a million people, sometimes in massive killing orgies that saw tens of thousands dead in only two days.
Consisting mostly of SS and police units, they were under the control of Heinrich Himmler and his deputies, Reinhard Heydrich and Ernst Kaltenbrunner.
They were the first Nazi units to commence the large-scale killing of Jews and other "undesirables" on an organized level... and they committed unspeakable crimes all over Eastern Europe.
Find out more about the Einsatzgruppen in this thrilling book!
Bonus: features an English translation of the infamous Jäger report!

Oct 21, 2012

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The Einsatzgruppen - Rudolf Schlossberg

The Einsatzgruppen

by Rudolf Schlossberg

Copyright 2012 Rudolf Schlossberg

Smashwords Edition


During World War II, the Einsatzgruppen were SS killing squads. Operating throughout Europe, these men were the first to kill Jews and other people the Nazis considered undesirable in an organized manner. Their operations ranged from small-scale local shootings of a few people to huge mass shootings that went on for days. They are responsible for the deaths of roughly 1 million people.


The Einsatzgruppen (Task Forces, but also referred to as Mobile Killing squads by many historians) were formed by SS chief Heinrich Himmler’s deputy, SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich in 1938. Originally founded to secure government buildings after the annexation by Germany of Austria in 1938, their role quickly evolved into that of a dedicated death squad with the beginning of the war.

They were under the direct command of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt, the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA), after September 1939. According to SS General Erich von dem Bach, in testimony at the post-war Nuremberg tribunal, their task was the liquidation of Jews, Gypsies, and Soviet political commissars. As such, the Einsatzgruppen played a key role in the implementation of the Nazi Final Solution.

Each Einsatzgruppe was led by members of the SD (SS intelligence), Gestapo (secret police), and Kripo (criminal police). The ranks were filled by members of the Orpo (police), Waffen-SS, and even local milita men. Volunteers from occupied territories were also sometimes used to provide additional security during operations. Each Einsatzgruppe was attached to a German Army group, which it followed in the field. The Einsatzgruppen commanders received logistical and personnel support from the Wehrmacht upon request.

Operational History


In the summer of 1938, Germany was preparing for a war with Czechoslovakia. The Einsatzgruppen were to take part in this invasion, traveling behind the army and securing important government buildings and documents. Unlike the units used in Austria, they were to have been armed and authorized to use lethal force when deemed necessary. The war never happened, due to the Munich Agreement of of 1938, but germany occupied a part of Czechoslovakia, the Sudetenland, as a result of this. The Einsatzgruppen performed their tasks there, and moved onto the main Czechoslovak territory in March 1939, when Germany occupied the rest of the country. Afterwards, the units were disbanded.


Heydrich soon reformed the units, to help with the invasion of Poland in Spetember 1939. Once again, the units were

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